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Gone are the days when bathrooms were just thought of as a place to cleanse. Today, it is one of the most important rooms anywhere. Many even think of this as a sacred space a place of relief, relaxation, and comfort. That’s why it is important that this space is well-designed! But what makes up a truly superb bathroom? You actually don’t need major upgrades and renovations! All you need is the best bathroom accessories supplier in the Philippines. 


Must-Have Bathroom Accessories from Perfect Home

 Must-Have Bathroom Accessories from Perfect Home

Bathroom accessories are often neglected and only thought of as mere accents, but they play an essential role in any bathroom space. These are what make the room more usable, practical, and convenient. You’ll be surprised at how many simple additions can improve the overall function and look of your bathroom. Today, there are surely loads of bathroom accessories that you can get a hold of. However, you wouldn’t want to just add accessories here and there. Make sure you purchase well-thought-out accessories from the best bathroom accessories supplier in the Philippines. 

This is where Perfect Home comes in! No matter what size or style of bathrooms you have, the brands we feature offer specially curated accessories that will definitely spruce up and simplify all Filipino household bathrooms. Here are some of our favorites! 



FECA, one of our featured brands here at Perfect Home, offers an exquisite range of bathroom accessories. They are widely-known for their patented vacuum seal suction cup technology that is incorporated into their accessories. Their bathroom essentials allow for more convenience, no construction costs, less permanent fixtures, and elegant and comfortable bathroom space. These are some items that should surely be on your list: 

Stainless Steel Shelves

There’s just so much convenience that FECA bathroom shelves offer. Apart from the fact that it allows more availability and space to store necessary items in the bathroom, it is also quick and easy to install! There’s no need to avail of installing services. The suction cup technology that it has builds a strong and durable seal between the accessory and the non-porous surface, may it be laminated wood, marble, tiles, or glass. You also have the freedom to move these around in any bathroom in the house. Plus, stainless steel instantly gives a high quality, modern, and attractive appearance to bathrooms! 

You are also not limited to only one variant. FECA offers an extensive number of stainless steel shelves constructed for different items from towels, shower items, soap, and even hair dryers! 


Multifunctional Hooks

Does the thought of drilling holes into your walls stop you from purchasing storage for your bathroom? You’re not alone. This is a common concern in households today, especially for renters. But with FECA, you are offered a fast and easy solution. These are renters’ dreams! FECA’S multifunctional hooks are extremely flexible storage solutions. There are just so many places in the bathroom for you to attach it. From doors to walls and even near the faucet! Moreover, there are also tons of items you can hang! Towels, loofahs, hangers, clothes, and more. 


Toothbrush Accessories

After your toothbrush has done its job, where do you store it? Having one or more toothbrushes lying around your bathroom can also look messy and cluttered. Additionally, the way you stash your toothbrush has an impact on your oral health. FECA’s toothbrush accessories are the best pick for your toothbrush storing solutions. Their accessories are designed to be mounted on non-porous surfaces. By positioning this on a wall or near your faucet, you are giving your countertops more space! 


Squatty Potty

Squatty Potty

With Squatty Potty, you’re sure to find products that will upscale your bathroom indefinitely. The brand has brought forward game-changing products that have set new standards in the bathroom. They bring forth bathroom accessories that you never knew you would need for your day-to-day routine. Here are two new and notable products from Squatty Potty that stand apart from the rest by offering it all for you comfort, style, innovation, and functionality. 


Toilet Stools

Did you know that your usual sitting position while pooping harms your bowel movements more than you realize? Sitting for long minutes on the toilet can lead to straining and pressure on the rectum. This causes more constipation and could lead to hemorrhoids, colon disease, and urinary difficulties. Most don’t know about this, but, the only natural defecation posture for human beings is squatting.

Squatty Potty offers a simple solution: toilet stools! Their innovative, health-promoting toilet stools are simple, easy-to-use, and effective in positioning your colon for natural bowel movements. It is clinically proven to reduce strain and is an FDA-certified medical device. It also comes in a wide selection of stools! Choose from different dimensions, colors, designs, and portability. They even offer toilet stools for children to make potty training both simple and healthy! 


Novelty Poop Plunger

Apart from their well-known toilet stools, Squatty Potty also has numerous innovative bathroom accessories. For now, let’s go in-depth with one that will liven up your bathroom: The Novelty Poop Plunger

For some, the traditional plunger may be fairly unappealing to leave around the bathroom, especially when guests are around. Squatty Potty has come up with a fun and functional solution! Who knew that bathroom cleaning supplies could be transformed too? The Novelty Poop Plunger, designed after the famous poop emoji, is made with 100% rubber and features a 2-step suction cup that can serve almost all types and sizes of drains! The extremely bendable and durable rubber cup forms a tighter seal around the drain as to the regular plunder. 


Why Choose Perfect Home?

Dad and son brushing teeth

When it comes to finding impressive, functional, and innovative home accessories in the Philippines, the options are basically endless there are a plethora of stores at your disposal. But which ones are the best? That’s where Perfect Home comes in. At Perfect Home, you are presented with an extensive range of top-of-the-line quality home-improvement products, all in one place: from decorations, electronics, accessories, fixtures, and more. As one of the best home decor online suppliers in the Philippines, we are your go-to one-stop-shop. Read more about our company below! 


Unique and Innovative Products

Here at Perfect Home, we continuously expand and curate our selection to serve the ever-changing needs of the market. We partner with unique, useful, and dependable brands that offer perfect novelties that simplify and upscale each Filipino household, even with the tiniest household chores. From suction cup solutions to toilet posture improvements, portable espresso machines, to even electronic writing tablets for children. With us, you’ll find creative things that improve your everyday life. 


Wide-Range Selection

Jumping from store to store makes home improvement more challenging than ever. But with Perfect Home, there’s no need to look anywhere else to get a hold of your needs. We have it all here for you with our products and featured brands! Apart from being the best bathroom accessories supplier in the Philippines, we also offer modern home accessories, home decor, and bathroom fixtures. 


Brands Trust Us with Their Products

Started from humble beginnings of selling cookware back in 2012, Perfect Home gradually made its name in the industry as not only the best bathroom accessories supplier in the Philippines, but also the premier household retail goods supplier in the country. Perfect Home currently features international brands such as FECA, Wacaco, Tatung, Squatty Potty, Design Nest, Perfect, Bling2o, Sparkle, Boogie Board, Envirosax, Twinkly, Paris Garden, and Bunch O’ Balloons. Brands believe in our mission and vision to set and meet the standards and qualities our consumers deserve. 


Upscale Your Bathroom with Perfect Home: The Best Bathroom Accessories Supplier in the Philippines

Thankfully, you don’t need to shell out a lot when it comes to bathroom improvement. When it comes to transforming your bathroom, one of the simplest and most effective ways to revamp it from being just your ordinary bathroom to space like no other is by introducing bathroom accessories from the best bathroom accessories supplier in the Philippines. 

Looking for where to buy bathroom fixtures in the Philippines? Perfect Home is committed to delivering a broad range of innovative, smart, and practical products to simplify the life of every Filipino household. We offer a multitude of products, all under one roof. Get everything you need for home improvement here at Perfect Home! Ready to get started? Click here to learn more about us and the products that we offer!