Looking For The Best Home Decor Online Supplier In The Philippines? Choose Perfect Home!

As the saying goes, there’s no place like home. No matter how big or small your place is, it is where you find ultimate comfort and joy. But have you ever looked around and realized you want to upgrade your humble abode? Well, we’ve got good news for you. Perfect Home is here for you; we’re the best home decor online supplier in the Philippines!

Do you remember the first time you entered your home? The rooms are empty, the walls are blank, and the whole place doesn’t look welcoming at all. But since you started placing some home decor such as memorable picture frames, the area started feeling cozy. 

This is the exact reason as to why home decor is essential. It doesn’t just build up the aesthetics, but it also allows you to create a space you’ll truly enjoy. Let’s not forget that it says a lot about your personality and leaves a lasting impression on your guests. 

If you want to come home every day to a place that you’ll love, choose the best home decor online supplier in the Philippines. Choose Perfect Home! 


Organize Your Bathroom With FECA Home Decor

Organize Your Bathroom With FECA Accessories

Do you dread walking into your outdated bathroom and want a change of scene? FECA, one of our tie-up brands at Perfect Home, is the best bathroom accessories supplier in the Philippines. And, as the best home decor online supplier in the Philippines, we make it possible for you to say hello to upgraded shower sessions.

With FECA’s innovative suction hooks and ornate organizing shelves, transforming your bathroom will be a hassle-free task. These bathroom essentials will make your life easier too. Convenience, elegance, and functionality are all wrapped in one.        


Bathroom Shelving

Decluttering and organizing your bathroom will instantly give it a new look. This is especially true if you want to save more space. Adding stylish bathroom shelving will do the trick! Tidy up your bathroom space with FECA’s quick and easy solutions. 

Store every toiletry, towel, and cleaning product on the shelves of all shapes and sizes FECA offers. From toothbrush holders, double shower racks, and deluxe towel holders, we got it! 

Remember to segregate each item into different categories! You’ll ultimately save yourself from the stress of looking for all the essential things elsewhere. Need a style tip? Don’t limit your FECA shelves to storing only essential items. Go ahead and place some plants and candles in there. It will work wonders for your bathroom decor. 


Wall-Mounted Suction Hooks

If your bathroom doesn’t have built-in drawers, a wall-mounted suction hook is the best way to go. Aside from shelves and racks, you can hang all your towels and clothes on multipurpose hooks too. FECA offers numerous hook sets. Need 2, 6 or even 7 hooks? FECA’s got it! 

Not good at attaching hooks? Don’t fret! Thanks to FECA’s patented vacuum seal suction cup technology, you won’t need to. Forget about availing drilling installation services to set everything up too.

Simply stick the suctions to your non-porous walls and enjoy your helpful hooks. If you have laminated wood, marble, or tile walls, these suctions have durable seals that can hold up your items into the surfaces. The best part about it? They’re luxurious, rust-proof, and adjustable too. 


Improve Bowel Posture With Squatty Potty

Improve Bowel Posture With Squatty Potty

Perfect Home is the best home decor online supplier in the Philippines. This was made possible by partnering with top international brands. One of which is Squatty Potty. 

The brand brings a game-changing bathroom standard to enhance your potty sessions. You undoubtedly didn’t know you would need these accessories for your daily routine. 


Toilet Stools

Did you know that the way you sit on the toilet can impact your bowel movement? Sitting for an extended period in the wrong way can damage rectal muscles. This is why Squatty Potty innovated the process. 

If you didn’t already know, not everyone who wants to squat could do so, especially kids and elderly people. This can lead to constipation, hemorrhoids, and other colon-related diseases. With the help of the Squatty Potty toilet stools, anyone will be able to improve their toilet posture. After all, it is an FDA-certified medical device.

Aside from positioning your body naturally, these toilet stools are easy to use too. Simply tuck it underneath your toilet. It can fit all standard toilets. 

Change your approach to modern toilets and place this in your bathrooms. Plus, it also has different colors and designs. 


Choose Twinkly For Aesthetic Lighting Decor

Choose Twinkly For Aesthetic Lighting

Your choice of lighting is an integral part of home decor. It will dictate the overall ambiance of any space in your household. Perfect Home is the best home decor online supplier in the Philippines. This is why you can light up your home with bright aesthetic lights from our partners at Twinkly.

Fairy lights, string lights – call them what you want to. These well-designed bulbs will beautify your home environment drastically. Twinkly string lights will impart a cozy, modern feel anywhere you’ll be while watching TV in the living room or laying down in your bedroom. And let’s not forget the benefits of lower electricity bills! 

Thanks to Twinkly’s SMART technology, you can easily modify all these string lights to match your decor preferences right from your smartphone. From the intensely colorful down to the warm tones, they’ve got it for you.



Want to design your home with colorful string lights? RGB LED lights have all the colors of the rainbow ready for you. These lenses are distinctly taller and thinner than the other editions. Enjoy bright chromatic components shining around your home.



If you’re more of a monochrome lighting type of person, the AWW LEDs are the way to go. With elegant colors of amber, warm white, and cold white, you can create gold, silver, and bronze shades for your home decor. 

Here’s a style tip! Place these clear and concave lenses diagonally on your bedroom’s headboard. You’ll end up thanking Twinkly for creating a stunning and cozy room just for you.  



Who says you can’t get the best of both worlds? With the RGB+W LEDs, you can combine all the colors in one string light set. Enjoy the warm white tones and even the whole rainbow.  


Get the Best Plant Decor From Paris Garden

Get the Best Plants From Paris Garden

People are looking for the best home decor online supplier in the Philippines. If you haven’t already noticed, more and more design experts are incorporating house plants inside their properties. There’s just something lovely and refreshing about adding a touch of nature into a home’s design. 

Add immense beauty to any space by getting plants from Paris Garden. You don’t even need to have a green thumb to grow these plants! With a specialty in urban farming, every kit comes with soil, seeds, and pots. All you need is water. Transform your home’s ambiance with minimal effort today.  



Gone are the days when people thought flowers were only for traditional home decor. There are so many ways to integrate delicate flowers to beautify your home. From sunflowers and daisies to even lavenders, Paris Garden offers it! 

Once the flowers bloom, arrange them in a clear vase and place them at the entrance of your home. It will not only create beautiful scenery, but it will also leave your guests feeling welcomed. 


Herbs and Spices

Paris Garden kept functionality in mind. Not only do they have flower plants, but they have fruits, herbs, and spices kits too. Harvest all these fresh products from your own home. Choose from options of mint, parsley, chives, rosemary, thyme, and many more!  


Make Cooking Sessions More Fun With Tatung Kitchen Appliances

Cooking rice with Tatung

Head’s up cooking enthusiasts! Perfect Home partnered with Tatung to bring you aesthetic kitchen appliances. These products will make your cooking experience so much easier. You can also enjoy the 5-year service warranty! Now, that’s real value.

Particular with design? All Tatung products have a very sleek look to them. You won’t have a problem adding these appliances to create a stylish kitchen.        


Multifunctional Cookers

As the name suggests, multifunctional cookers can combine the function of numerous kitchen appliances in one. With these tools alongside, you’ll end up saving your time for other important tasks. 

Tatung’s patented indirect heating technology will cook your delicious dishes thoroughly.  Moreover, airtight lids will offer absolute safety. So don’t have to worry about any kind of cooking mishap along the way. It doesn’t get more efficient than this! 


Looking For The Best Home Decor Online Supplier In The Philippines? Choose Perfect Home!

Let’s admit it. Local department stores are usually a hit or miss when it comes to home decorating needs. More often than not, you’ll need to keep a keen eye to weed out the decor nays. 

With Perfect Home, you won’t have a problem with designing your home with the best decor. After all, we are the best home decor online supplier in the Philippines. Mix and match our brand pieces and never worry about sacrificing style. 

From elegantly designed bathroom shelves and hooks, functional step toilet stools, aesthetic lighting, and beautiful plants all the way down to modern home accessories for sale in the Philippines, Perfect Home is a one-stop-shop for you. 

Click here to learn more about our brands. Improve your standard of living today with Perfect Home!