6 Accessories For Your Dressing Table

October 20, 2021

What are some good accessories for your dressing table?

  1. Sparkle Faerie Lites
  2. Design Nest Powercube
  3. Paris Garden Smiley Grass Hair Kit
  4. FECA Multiholders
  5. FECA Mirrors
  6. FECA Tissue Holders

Putting on skincare and repeating a motivating mantra in front of a mirror are some ways to practice self-care. If you do this every day, you might notice that your dressing table needs redecorating. If you have an old desk, then you should consider adding accessories to make it look brand new. Fortunately, you can find modern home accessories for sale in the Philippines here at Perfect Home. Keep on reading for a list of accessories for your dressing table!

Sparkle Fairy Lights

With plenty of social media videos showing modern dressing tables, you might be tempted to throw away your old one. Before you do this, consider redecorating yours first. This way, it will feel brand new.

One way you can do this is by using lights. If you’re tired of the usual vanity table lightbulbs or just want something unique, you can use the Sparkle Fairy Lights! It’s made of LED lights so it’s durable and long-lasting. And the best thing is that you don’t have to plug it in because it’s powered by batteries. This way, your power outlet can be used for other things!

Design Nest Powercube
Design Nest Powercube

Speaking of power outlets, if you need to plug in your hair iron, curler, or blow dryer, consider the Design Nest Powercube Original USB. Other than the 4 power outlets, it has 2 USB-A ports so you can plug in a ring light or charge your phone when needed too. The unique thing about this product is that it’s an instant space saver due to its cube design. You can choose from blue, red or gray!

If the wall outlet is far away from your dressing table, you can also check out the Powercube Extended USB, which has a 1.5-meter cable. 

Paris Garden Smiley Grass Hair Kit

If you feel that your dressing table is too bare, try adding life to it through the use of plants! Even if you don’t go big with roses and tulips, some greenery will make your space extra special. 

But you might be hesitant to do this if you don’t have a green thumb. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert with the Paris Garden Smiley Grass Hair Kit! For only 199.75, you get all tools you need to grow a plant—a glazed ceramic pot, seeds, starting soil, and growing instructions. 

FECA Multiholders
FECA Multiholders

After redecorating, it’s time to organize your skincare, make-up, and other grooming essentials! This is easy if you have plenty of drawers to use. But if you have a growing collection, or don’t have enough storage space, you can consider using FECA Multiholders! These are attached to surfaces through suction cups, so there’s no need for drilling holes. It’s durable and rust-proof too. 

FECA Multiholders come in round, cube, or chrome-plated designs. You can use these to organize make-up brushes, skincare products, and more.

FECA Mirrors

A mirror is one of the most important components of a dressing table. If your desk doesn’t have one or you need a smaller one, then you can check out the FECA Mirrors. Like the holders, these are also attached using suction cups so you can install them on the wall or a larger mirror. This way, you can also adjust the placement whenever you like.

If you want to keep both of your hands-free while doing your beauty and grooming rituals, you can use the D36 Compact Mirror. It’s compact, so you can bring it with you on your travels. For a closer view, you can also consider the E8 Extendable Mirror!

FECA Tissue Holders
FECA Tissue Holders

Whether you’re using make-up or a beard balm, one of the essential stuff you need to keep on your vanity desk is a pile of tissue. This way, you can change the color of your lipstick, remove eyeliner smudges, or wipe the hair wax from your hands. But most of the time, you might be wondering where you put the paper towels.

If you want to have easy access to tissues while preventing clutter, one of the accessories you need is a FECA Tissue Holder! These come in a variety of designs depending on your aesthetic preferences, desk space, and tissue! For instance, if you’re looking for something minimalist and suitable for a pile of paper towels, use the D41 Tissue Box. Prefer using tissue rolls? The E21 Tissue Holder is recommended!

Key Takeaway

A dressing table is one of the pieces of furniture that are heavily used in your bedroom. After you wake up, you use it to check yourself or get ready for work. Before sleeping, you’ll sit down to put some skincare on. Because of this, it helps to have your personal space decorated and organized. 

If you’re looking for accessories for your dressing table,  you can shop here at Perfect Home! Other than these, you might also need hairdryer holders, towel ring holders, storage baskets, hooks, racks, and more!


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