4 Affordable Home Decor In The Philippines

July 8, 2021

What are some of the affordable home decor in the Philippines?

  1. Paris Garden Plant Kit
  2. Mini Heng Lamp
  3. Sparkle Lights
  4. Squatty Potty Poop Plunger

With a little bit of time and effort spent on decorating, it is possible to transform your house into your dream home. But if you have other expenses that you’re supposed to settle, how will you style your space without breaking the bank? With careful planning and the right products, you can beautify your place on a budget. To give you an idea, here are some of the affordable home decor in the Philippines. Keep on reading!

Paris Garden Plant Kit

Plants are a great way to add vibrancy and color to any home. You can place them on the corner of your living room, add a few pots on top of your kitchen counter, or hang them on the wall! They can instantly freshen a space, especially if you have a neutral palette as a part of your interior design. This way, the green leaves and the colorful flowers will stand out!

But apart from the aesthetic appeal of plants, they can also benefit your health. They help improve the air quality, provide aromatherapy, and lift your moods when you see them. If you’re on a budget, you can decorate your home with Perfect Home’s Paris Garden Plant Kits! Each one comes with seeds, soil, pot, and instructions on how to grow the plant.

For example, the Emoji Grass Kit is available for less than 200 pesos. The yellow emoji pot is a perfect decor for rooms that need a boost of color. At the same time, the grass has a simple and down-to-earth look which makes it perfect for minimalist homes. To give you an idea, you can place it in a bathroom to lift your mood in the morning! 

If you’re interested in other variants, Paris Garden also has herb and flowering plants available at the Perfect Home online store!

Mini Heng Lamp
Mini Heng Lamp

Does your living room, bedroom, or office feel dark and dingy? Even if you have the most precious wooden furniture, the flowiest curtains, or a high-end cabinet, a room won’t be complete without the right lighting.

A great way to make a room more vibrant is by adding a lamp. Depending on the light emitted, it can instantly brighten a room or make a space warm and cozy. It also adds an element of style without being too much.

One of the affordable but innovative lamps on the market is the Mini Heng Lamp by Design Nest! It is the smaller version of the Heng Lamp, so you can purchase it for only 999 pesos. When you turn the appliance on, you can connect the magnetic spheres and they will remain suspended in mid-air. This unconventional design can impress your guests.

The Mini Heng Lamp emits a soft light, so it is perfect on your bedside table as a night lamp.

Sparkle Lights

Are you tired of your old room design but don’t want to spend thousands on decoration? If that’s the case, you can upcycle your furniture and upgrade the look of your personal space with Sparkle from Perfect Home! They offer stringed lights in different colors so you will find something that suits your preference.

For example, if you have an old cabinet that you want to throw out, you can transform it using stringed lights! Just paint it with your preferred color, drape the lights over the top and you’ve got yourself a piece of new-looking furniture.

If you’re looking for a night lamp and home decor in one, you can also wrap the lights on top of your bed frame or around the bedposts. The Copper String Lights emits a soft yellow glow, which gives your bedroom a warm and inviting atmosphere at night. This is available for less than a thousand pesos for 5 meters!

Squatty Potty Poop Plunger
Poop Plunger

Home decor can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This is best exemplified by the Squatty Potty Poop Plunger, which features a cute emoji design that will look great in the bathroom. This product is made from 100% rubber and a heavy-duty plastic handle which makes it durable and long-lasting too.

Compared to that, conventional toilet plungers are not aesthetically pleasing. Most will have a black rubber bell-shaped end which won’t fit the look of a modern bathroom. Instead, it will look out of place and will remind your guests that you might have a clogged toilet.

Fortunately, The Squatty Potty Poop Plunger is available for an affordable price of 999 pesos!

Key Takeaway

Decorating your home doesn’t have to be expensive. With the right products and a bit of creativity, you can turn any room into a beautiful space! Play around with the colors, add some plants here and there, place your lighting on the right spots, and turn functional items into aesthetically pleasing decor!

If you’re interested in affordable home decor in the Philippines,  you check out the Perfect Home online store. You will find innovative and classic items that can upgrade the look of your space without breaking the bank. 


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