5 Benefits Of Installing Grab Bars For Bathroom

April 7, 2022

What are the benefits of installing grab bars for a bathroom?

  1. Provide stability and safety
  2. Prevent accidents
  3. Promote confidence
  4. Offer peace of mind
  5. Convenient and easy to do

For people who are clumsy, elderly, handicapped, or injured, bathrooms can be a  dangerous area of the house. In such a wet and slippery environment, slip and fall accidents can easily happen. That’s why it’s vital to find a safety device that can prevent these from occurring. This is where the benefits of installing grab bars for the bathroom come in. Fortunately, these safety devices are available from the best bathroom accessories supplier in the Philippines — Perfect Home! Keep on reading.

Provide Stability And Safety

Grab bars are secure rails that are mounted on a wall, ceiling, or floor to provide stability and safety. These come in a range of sizes and materials. Aside from that, they’re often used in bathrooms at malls, coffee shops, and other commercial establishments. 

As people grow old, it could be harder to perform things that are easy for individuals that are younger and healthier. This could be due to the weakening of the knees, hands, and other joints.  Something as simple as getting in and out of a shower, or safely standing and sitting down on the toilet bowl can be tough and painful. 

Grab bars can be installed in many areas in the bathroom. They’re useful when mounted in the shower, near the toilet, and at the entrance of the room. 

Prevent Accidents

Prevent Accidents

Anyone will benefit from grab bars, especially in places where there are slippery floors. But these are especially beneficial for people that have difficulty moving around safely and independently, such as the elderly, disabled, or weakened individuals. 

For individuals that already have difficulty moving, navigating a room with slippery floors can be exhausting and also dangerous. With nowhere to place your hands except the slippery tiles on the walls, you’re just waiting for an accident to happen. 

Grab bars could be the difference between being able to safely move around and sustaining injuries due to an accident. All it takes is a single fall to suffer from long-term consequences, so it’s best to have grab bars installed in the bathroom.


Promote Confidence

For people that have difficulty moving around or experience balance concerns, the problem doesn’t just lie in the physical issues. For some of them, there could be experiences — such as falls, slips, and other accidents —  that made it more traumatizing for them to perform simple tasks such as going to the bathroom, taking a shower, or sitting down on the toilet. The issue with this lack of confidence is that it can cause another accident.

Other than that, another concern for the elderly and handicapped is the inability to live independently at home. Just going inside the bathroom will require assistance from other family members. 

Fortunately, the act of installing grab bars can promote confidence and encourage independent living. It allows people to have the privacy they need without assistance or with just limited assistance from a caregiver.


Offer Peace Of Mind

Offer Peace Of Mind

Families with elderly, disabled, and injured individuals experience too much worry because of the fear of their loved ones suffering an accident at home. To ease these worries, it’s important to reduce the risk of accidents that can happen by adding a  safety device in the bathroom.

Grab bars can provide a sense of security for anyone that is prone to slips, falls, and unsteadiness. They’re not only useful to the elderly, disabled, and injured, but also to children. 

Grab bars offer peace of mind not just for the user, but also for other people that care for them. For caregivers who take care of individuals with mobility concerns, these can be helpful while performing assistance. And because grab bars can provide independence in the bathroom, these could lift some burden for caregivers too.


Convenient And Easy To Install

Normally, grab bars are installed after drilling the walls and using screws. The installation should be done after making exact measurements, as positioning is important to the effectiveness of the grab bars. These should be placed in strategic areas while ensuring that they can be easily accessed.

For homeowners who don’t want to ruin their walls with drilling mistakes, FECA’s grab bars are the answer. Because these are attached through a suction cup, there’s no need for messy drilling and adhesives! Instead, the grab bars can be relocated an unlimited number of times as needs and preferences change.

The FECA H1 Grab Handle has a 30 kg capacity while the H6 Grab Handle can provide 80 kg capacity. Both are available in a white design and are aesthetically pleasing!


Key Takeaway

If you want to experience the benefits of installing grab bars for the bathroom, you can buy them here at Perfect Home! We carry reusable and removable bathroom accessories, so you don’t have to drill the walls and use messy adhesives. If you’re interested in our other modern home accessories, you can check out our online store.


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