5 Christmas Gifts For Your Brother

January 20, 2021

What are some of the best Christmas gifts for your brother?

  1. Heng Lamp
  2. Paris Garden Grow Kits
  3. MOFT Laptop Stand
  4. PowerCube Rewirable
  5. Minipresso NS

Whether the occasion is a birthday, a life milestone, or getting a new job, giving a gift to your loved ones is important. There’s no doubt that looking for the best Christmas gifts for your brother shouldn’t be forgotten about as well.

Think about it. Your brother has been through a lot with you in life. So giving him something special this holiday season is the perfect way to show that you’re grateful.

Let’s admit it. Gift-giving can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the slightest idea of what to buy. This year, we’ve rounded up some of the best Christmas gifts for your brother. Read on!

Heng Lamp

Black Heng Lamp from Designnest

All kinds of innovative lights and lamps have been rising in popularity these past few years. Among them is the award-winning Heng Lamp that is sure to surprise your brother and transform the way he lights up his space!

The word heng means “balance” in Chinese. With that in mind, this LED lamp comes with a unique balance feature. The Heng Lamp is controlled by two magnetic spheres. Once someone pulls the resting lower sphere upwards. Both spheres will be magnetized together and remain suspended in the air. The lamp turns on once the state of perfect balance is reached.

The Heng Lamp has a warm and gentle glow, meaning your brother can use it as a night light. It’s also bright enough to be used as a reading light. Given the USB port, he can simply plug it into a variety of adapters and outlets.

It comes in two colors — white and black. You won’t have a problem choosing the one you think your brother will like the most!

Paris Garden Grow Kits

Adopt A Dog Growkit From Paris Garden

Even if your brother has no green thumb, he can still grow herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, and even flowers with the Paris Garden Grow Kits.

Each kit comes with seeds, starting soil, and containers. All he needs to do is place them under sunlight, water them, and wait for his fragrant greens to grow.

Unlike other gifts, plants can be useful long term speaking. This is especially true with the Paris Garden Grow Kits because the fruits can be harvested and eaten. Give your brother a gift that will last as long as they nurture it!

MOFT Laptop Stand

MOFT Laptop Stand from Designnest

We are living in a technologically advanced era where everyone has a gadget. So why don’t you give your brother something to hold his laptop?

With the MOFT Laptop Stand by his side, he can reduce the shoulder and neck pain as well as the improper posture that results from hunching while typing. Whether he is watching, reading, or typing, he won’t have a problem tilting his laptop because of the dual-angle adjustment feature.

The best part about it? It is lightweight, compact, easy to attach, and has a sleek design. The manufacturers designed the MOFT Laptop Stand to offer users the ultimate comfort and convenience!

PowerCube Rewirable


As using electronic gadgets has become a part of our daily lives, your brother’s gadget would need to be charged as well. This is when the PowerCube Rewirable proves its usefulness.

The PowerCube Rewirable is a one of a kind universal and multifunctional travel adaptor that everyone would need. With five individual sockets, it offers to charge all kinds of gadgets at the same time. Your brother can say goodbye to bulky adapter blockage because this accessory has a cubic shape design.

He can also transform the PowerCube Rewirable into a regular power strip with an IEC cable whenever he isn’t traveling. It’s definitely more than a travel plug!

Minipresso NS

Minispresso from WACOCO

If your brother loves coffee, then he will definitely love receiving the Minipresso NS as a gift. It is a lightweight, compact, and handheld espresso machine. In addition to weighing less than 400 grams, this innovative gadget is portable. This means your brother can enjoy a freshly brewed, quality espresso anywhere and at any time.

The brewing process is unbelievably easy. Your brother can simply take the scoop to fill the ground coffee, Then, put hot water in the tank and start pumping. After a few pushes, a rich and bold shot of espresso will be extracted. The lid functions as a cup, so he wouldn’t need a mug as well!

Key Takeaway

If you’re planning to buy the best Christmas gifts for your brother, don’t look around anymore. Check out the five we’ve stated above!

From the Heng Lamp, Paris Garden Grow Kits, MOFT Laptop Stand, PowerCube Rewirable, to the Minipresso NS — all these can be found at Perfect Home. As a one-stop-shop, our tie brands offer a wide variety of products perfect for the gift-giving season!

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