3 Best Drawing Tablet For Kids In The Philippines

March 5, 2021

What are the best drawing tablets for kids in the Philippines?

  1. Jot 8.5 
  2. Magic Sketch 
  3. Sketch Petz

There’s no doubt that developments in technology have led to the creation of all kinds of smart gadgets. Nowadays, one of the most innovative gadgets is the drawing tablet. These fun devices come in the form of compact LCD writing screens that can be carried anywhere. Along with the convenient stylus pen, the numerous added accessories that come with drawing tablets have made them extremely popular in the market. Bring your little ones’ artworks to life because we have rounded up the best drawing tablet for kids in the Philippines! 

As the leading distributor and importer of top modern home accessories for sale in the Philippines, Perfect Home tied up with the world’s #1 electronic drawing tablet brand, Boogie Board to offer the kids a fun way to express their creativity.   

Jot 8.5
JOT 8.5

The Jot 8.5 is Boogie Board’s original drawing tablet that lets your kids jot down anything without wasting paper. It eliminates the need for paper, scratch pads, and sticky notes. Let the little ones doodle, play, and practice writing with the Jot 8.5 using the included stylus. To erase the writing, you simply have to push the button and watch the drawing tablet wipe itself clean. 

The Jot 8.5 comes with a durable, ultra-lightweight LCD writing screen that is patented to be pressure-sensitive. It is well-loved by customers because it feels just like writing with a pen on paper and the high-contrast writing surface lasts for years. 

It’s worth noting that the Jot 8.5 is a mess-free solution not just for kids, but also for the whole family! Need to jot down something to remind yourself or your family? Write it on the drawing tablet and use the stylus as a kickstand or use the built-in back magnets to hang it on the fridge

Another great feature of the Jot 8.5 is that it doesn’t need charging. Simply change the replaceable 3V Battery (CR2016) at the back and keep your spaces free from messy plugs. Once your little one is done with his or her artwork, download the free mobile app to save, edit, and share it online!

What’s Included With The Jot 8.5?

  • Boogie Board Jot 8.5 paperless writing tablet
  • Stylus
  • User guide
  • Replaceable 3V Battery (CR2016) (installed)

Magic Sketch
Magic Sketch 

As an effort to improve on their line of drawing tablet products, Boogie Board introduced the Magic Sketch. 

The Magic Sketch is more than a drawing tablet, it is an entire colorful activity kit. With the first-ever semi-transparent LCD writing screen featuring the revolutionary new Colorburst™ technology display, it lets kids create and trace in vivid colors of the rainbow. 

Just like the Jot 8.5, it comes with a built-in erase button that can be clicked when it’s time to create new artwork. You can say goodbye to the mess of markers! To add to that, the Colorburst display makes the writing and drawing experience even more enjoyable.

The Magic Sketch also comes with three textured tools, which are styluses with six unique tips. Your kids can doodle and trace over 18 game, drawing, and learning templates. Rest assured they will never be bored with the Magic Sketch in their hands! 

What’s Included With the Magic Sketch?

  • LCD Magic Sketch Writing Screen featuring Colorburst
  • Protective cover and template holder
  • Writing stylus
  • 3 Texture Tools with 6 unique tips
  • 6 Game Templates
  • 6 Learning Templates
  • 6 Drawing Templates

Sketch Petz

Drawing tablets are designed to bring out the creativity of children, therefore, their features are highly entertaining and convenient to use. When it comes to entertaining your kids, the Sketch Petz is your partner! 

The Sketch Petz is a cute, cuddly-soft plush toy with a built-in Boogie Board electronic drawing tablet. There are two friendly design options which are Pegusus, a pink pegasus plushie, and Monster, a green bat-like creature plushie.  

This drawing tablet lets your little one enjoy the features of the Boogie Board while having a cuddle buddy at the same time. As an added fun aspect, a squeeze to the paw of the plushie erases every drawing like magic, so kids can create it again and again. Additionally, the wings of the plushie can be closed to protect and conceal your kid’s artwork creations. 

What’s Included With The Sketch Petz?

  • 1 Sketch Petz™ Doodle Buddy
  • 1 Stylus (Attached)
  • 1 Non-Replaceable Battery (installed)

Key Takeaway

Drawing tablets are fun, innovative devices for kids that are rising in popularity. They are easy to use and help to enhance the creative side of little ones. 

Looking for the best drawing tablet for kids in the Philippines? Look no further with Boogie Board! As the world’s #1 electronic drawing tablet, you can offer a fun-filled and immersive sketching time to your children with their wide array of products. 

Browse the entire Boogie Board collection from Perfect Home’s site by clicking here!


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