7 Best Towel Holders For Your Bathroom

February 10, 2022

What are the best towel holders for your bathroom?

  1. Best Hotel Standard Towel Holder: D12 Deluxe Towel Holder
  2. Best Towel Holder For Singles: D13 Towel Rack
  3. Best For Hanging Multiple Towels: S62 Dual Rack Holder
  4. Best For Small Towels: D6 Towel Ring Holder
  5. Best Holder For Small Bathrooms: S27 Swivel Hook
  6. Best For Storing Extra Towels: S21 Wall Shelf
  7. Best For Drying Towels And More: S8 Clothes Chain

One of the best bathroom organization secrets is to have an accessible place where you can hang your towels. This can keep your space dry, clutter-free, and more aesthetically pleasing, which is the goal of any organization project. But with so many options out there, you might be having difficulty in choosing the right one for your personal space. To help you, this article will list down the best towel holders for your bathroom. 

To get out of drilling and messy adhesives, you should consider FECA’s suction cup solutions. All organizers and holders can be attached to a non-porous surface using a suction cup, which eliminates time-consuming installation. You can remove and reuse the products when you’re renovating and redecorating your bathroom. And best of all, the organizers are water, rust, and heat-resistant!

Here are the best towel holders from FECA:

Best Hotel Standard Towel Holder: D12 Deluxe Towel Holder

When you think of a 5-star hotel, chances are that luxury and comfort will come to mind. The bathrooms always look extravagant, with the right accessories to provide all your needs. 

If you want your bathroom at home to have the same vibe, you won’t go wrong with the FECA D12 Deluxe Towel Holder. Aside from its elegant design that can upgrade your bathroom’s aesthetics, it can carry up to 12 kg of towels too!

Best Towel Holder For Singles: D13 Towel Rack

Best Towel Holder For Singles D13 Towel Rack

Are you living alone? If that’s the case, you might not need a big towel holder. If you’re only hanging your towel, then you can use the D13 Towel Rack. You can attach it to the shower glass door or the wall tiles of your bathroom. Since the suction cups are white, they will fit in with a wide variety of bathroom designs.

This towel rack has a capacity of 6 kg, so it’s more than enough for solo living!

Best For Hanging Multiple Towels: S62 Dual Rack Holder

On the other hand, if you require more space to store your towels, the S62 Dual Rack Holder is a great option. With a total weight capacity of 20kg, you can hang multiple garments with no problem! Because there are two rods, you can separate wet and dry towels, too. 

Made with stainless steel and white hardware, this towel holder can elevate the look of your bathroom and will last a long time.

Best For Small Towels: D6 Towel Ring Holder

Best For Small Towels D6 Towel Ring Holder

Keep your hand and face towels clean with the D6 Towel Ring Holder from FECA. If you want your towels to be more accessible, you can install the holder on your bathroom mirrors or above the sink! It’s fairly small and compact, so it will fit in with small spaces too. With a 1 kg capacity, it’s the perfect solution for small towels.

If you’re interested, this suction cup organizer is also available in chrome.

Best Holder For Small Bathrooms: S27 Swivel Hook

If you have a small bathroom, then you might not be able to use towel racks. Fortunately, FECA has a solution to your problem, the S27 Swivel Hook! Just like the other products on this list, you can install it easily because of the suction cup. You can mount it on non-porous cabinet doors, mirrors, wall tiles, and more!

The Swivel Hook might be small, but you can hang multiple towels in this organizer! This space-saving and compact suction cup solution can hold up to 12 kgs, so it’s useful if you’re traveling too!

Best For Storing Extra Towels: S21 Wall Shelf

Best For Storing Extra Towels S21 Wall Shelf

If you need extra space to store towels for your guests, you can also consider the S21 Wall Shelf. It’s the perfect choice when you’re in need of extra shelves but don’t want to drill the walls. With 20kgs total capacity, you can stack multiple towels and store toiletries too. 

If you prefer other designs, you can also check the S22 Wall Shelf Set and P1 Acrylic Tray.

Best For Drying Towels And More: S8 Clothes Chain

You will need to hang your towels at a short distance from each other to allow them to air dry. But if you live with your family, you might not have enough space in your bathroom. The good news is, you can use the S8 Clothes Chain to dry multiple towels with ease! It’s also useful for drying your clothes if you live in an apartment where there’s limited space.

Just hang the two suction cups on a non-porous surface, get your hangers, and allow your garments to dry. 

Key Takeaway

If you’re looking for the best towel holders for your bathroom, you can find them here at Perfect Home! For those interested in FECA’s suction cup solutions, you can also check out our kitchen organizers, tissue holders, storage baskets, hooks, and other accessories. These can help you make your home more aesthetically pleasing and clutter-free. 



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