6 Christmas DIY Decoration Ideas To Try

January 22, 2021

What are some Christmas DIY decoration ideas to try?

  1. Decorate using unique ornament balls
  2. Try twig trees
  3. Use garlands as accents
  4. Be creative with the Christmas wreath
  5. Go for colorful LED string lights
  6. Adorn the dinner table

As the best home decor online supplier in the Philippines, we believe that nothing can bring more joy to a home than decorating it for Christmas. If you’re brimming with creativity for this year’s most awaited festivity, we’re here to share 6 Christmas DIY decoration ideas with you!

When it comes to holiday decoration ideas, you can choose anything from a uniquely-designed wreath, Christmas tree alternatives, eye-catching garland ideas, all the way to a dinner table that is spruced up with standout pieces. With so many DIY ideas to choose from, we’re sure you will find the best ideas to suit your style. Read on to make sure this year’s Christmas decorations are your best yet.

Decorate Using Unique Ornament Balls

Ornament Ball from Twinkly

Say goodbye to the boring ornament balls that you always use for decorating the Christmas tree. There’s a lot to love about uniquely-designed ornament balls. Get crafty and pursue a DIY design using colorful paint, stickers, or even glitter. This is a great way to take your usual tree up a notch. 

If you want to hang fun looking ornament balls, check out these cartoon Christmas characters from Sparkle. With designs like reindeers, snowmen, and even Santa Claus your kids will love it the most. You can also hang these white ornament balls with words like faith, love, and joy to inject some holiday cheer into your tree. Trust us, it will leave a delightful impression on your guests throughout the season.

Try Twig Trees

Twig Tree from Sparkle

Putting up a fresh, evergreen Christmas tree has always been a traditional decoration staple. But you should never be limited to searching for an alternative tree.

A twig tree like this one from Sparkle is beautifully lit up with LED lights. This will look amazing in any area around your home. It’s an especially great decoration idea if you are short on space because the branches are short and thin.

Easily made using pieces of wooden branches, you can complete its look with ornaments and accessories of your choice. It’s a creative addition that will have your guests admiring your creativity throughout the holiday season.

Use Garlands As Accents

Christmas Garland from Twinkly

Garlands are commonly used for decorating the fireplace mantel. But if you customize yours to give it a touch of creativity and ensure it matches your household, it can easily become an appealing accent decor.

Grab some papers with vibrant colors and cut them into holiday shapes such as triangle trees, candy canes, or snowflakes. Afterward, hang them on the garland. Go ahead and hang it on your staircase to wrap it up with stunning string lights from Twinkly. To make it all match your Christmas ambiance, tie a red ribbon around the end of the banister.

Be Creative With The Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath from Twinkly

It is obvious that not everyone can design a wreath to become eye-catching. Check out this ornament wreath from Sparkle! It was crafted by replacing the usual green leaves with a bunch of colorful ornament balls. Whether you plan on hanging it up on your door or in the living room — it will do the trick in instantly cheering up any lackluster space.

Go For Colorful LED String Lights

LED String Lights from Twinkly

Most of the time, homeowners tend to stick to one LED string light color in an attempt to keep the Christmas design looking harmonious. But there is no one stopping you from using colorful LED string lights to deck out the porch.

Stuff your flower buckets and create a festive message for your neighbor by lighting it all up with 360 LED Vine Gold Glitter from Sparkle. Don’t worry about whether it will get damaged from different weather conditions. It is designed to be safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

Adorn The Dinner Table 

Dinner Centerpieces from Sparkle

Skip the traditional candles and table runners when you decorate your dinner table. Bring the holiday spirit to your special Christmas meal by creating a DIY miniature Christmas village landscape. All you need is plywood for your base, pieces of greenery, and these Christmas table decorations from Sparkle. For a complete winter wonderland look, add in pieces of cotton to act as a blanket of snow.

If you feel like the dinner table needs a little bit more holiday cheer to it, try hanging wreaths overhead. Refer to this guide on how to design your table.

Key Takeaway   

Here are 6 Christmas DIY decoration ideas to spruce up your holidays! Remember to be as creative as you can and impress your guests for the most awaited celebration of the year. If you’re on the lookout for Christmas accessories, Perfect Home has everything you need in-store. Click here to check out our products today!


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