5 Cool Tech Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

January 17, 2021

What are the cool tech accessories you didn’t know you needed?

  1. Heng Lamp
  2. MOFT Laptop Stand
  3. DesignNest 3 in 1 USB Cable
  4. RoboVacuum Laser + Mop
  5. Boogie Board Jot 8.5

There’s no doubt that we are living in an era where technology is advancing at an unprecedented speed. Nowadays, there are cool tech accessories you didn’t know you needed.

With numerous gadgets available in the market, there are endless possibilities to make your daily life easier. Whether it’s for the house, work, or traveling, the gadgets we’ve rounded up can simplify numerous tasks. Read on!

Heng Lamp

Heng Lamp from Design Nest

The Heng Lamp is a series of LED lamps with a “balance” feature. As the winner of the 2016 Red Dot Design Award, it can surely transform the way you light up your household spaces. Framed by a modern Asian-inspired window, it introduces an innovative floating switch.

Say goodbye to traditional lamps where a switch is used, the Heng Lamp is controlled by two dangling spheres. To switch it on, you only need to pull the resting lower sphere upwards. Afterward, both spheres will be magnetized together and remain suspended in the air. Once the state of perfect balance is reached, the lamp will turn on.

The USB port allows you to plug it into a variety of adapters and outlets. Whether you place this on your bedside table or office desk, it will illuminate any space with a soft warm glow. The mid-century modern look will add sophistication to any room decor as well!

MOFT Laptop Stand

MOFT Laptop Stand from Design Nest

Working from home and online learning is now the “new normal”. This may mean normalizing neck, shoulder, and back pain as well. Such problems arise because your laptop is not on the right eye level.

Stop forcing your body into a bad posture. Have the MOFT Laptop Stand by your side and reduce the risk of repetitive stress injury. Whether you are typing, reading, or watching, it offers the ultimate comfort with multiple elevation options and neck tilt.

Take it anywhere with you. It is lightweight and compact as well. The best part about it? The MOFT Laptop Stand is sleek and contributes to the overall aesthetic of your device without taking up large amounts of space.

DesignNest 3 in 1 USB Cable

Power Cube from Designnest

As using electronic devices has become a part of our daily lives, it is inevitable that large amounts of data will need to be compiled, stored, and accessed at any time. Let’s not forget that all devices must be charged as well. This is when USB cables prove their usefulness.

Purchase a DesignNest 3 in 1 USB cable! It is an all-in-one cable with three different connectors, making it more likely to have the right type of cable for multiple devices.

Have you ever experienced having difficulty because all your cables are tangled? We all know this situation too well. Luckily, the DesignNest 3 in 1 USB cable features a unique flat design, making the cords less prone to entanglement.

Aside from charging multiple devices, it also allows data transfer. Connect the accessory to easily transfer and gather data from one device to another.

RoboVacuum Laser + Mop

RoboVacuum Laser + Mop

You never knew you needed a robot vacuum cleaner until now. With the RoboVacuum Laser + Mop, you can make any cleaning task easier. It’s the ultimate tech accessory that saves you time to do other important errands.

Thanks to its LIDAR based intelligent laser, it can automatically scan your household to start cleaning efficiently.

Simply turn on the RoboVacuum Laser + Mop to clean your floors. With its immersive smart features, the deep-cleaning robot can tell when to switch from vacuuming to mopping. For carpets or rugs, it will act as a vacuum. While for hardwood, tiles, or laminate flooring, it will function as a mop.

Boogie Board Jot 8.5

Boogie Board Jot 8.5

Take your writing experience up a notch with the Boogie Board Jot 8.5. Gone are the days when you needed multiple pieces of paper, scratch pads, and sticky notes. The Boogie Board Jot 8.5 allows you to write electronically.

This durable and lightweight LCD tablet is designed to feel just like writing on paper. Anything you write will stay as long as you need it. Everything can also be erased with ease too. The best part about it? It doesn’t need to be plugged in or charged.

Key Takeaway

If you’re looking for cool tech accessories, check out the five we’ve stated above.

These can all be found at Perfect Home. From the Heng Lamp, MOFT Laptop Stand, DesignNest 3 in 1 USB Cable, RoboVacuum Laser + Mop, to the Boogie Board. As a one-stop-shop, our tie brands offer you solutions to make your life easier.


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