4 Best DIY Home Decor Ideas You Should Try

January 29, 2021

What are the best DIY home decor ideas you should try?

  1. Use LED Lights for a Romantic Vibe
  2. Rely on Hooks for Added Organization
  3. Add Some Greenery With Ornamental Plants
  4. Keep it Simple With Monochromatic Colors

Most people find decorating homes to be a difficult task. You have to plan a design, purchase expensive centerpieces, or hire a professional interior designer. But today, you will learn more about easy DIY home decor ideas that anyone can do. You can reuse all these items, change up the placements as you like, and follow your design! Read on!

Use LED Lights For A Romantic Vibe

LED lights from Sparkle

If you want to add a romantic vibe to your room, one of the best things you can do is hang a string of LED lights on the walls. For a classic look, opt for yellow lights like this one to create the illusion of sparkles. The warm color is perfect for bedrooms because it can induce a person to sleep.

For more unisex projects, you can try decorating with white lights. It is a versatile color and can be hanged vertically on poles, put in a jar as DIY firefly lanterns, or added on the frame of a mirror for a classy look. It can instantly upgrade the look of a room, especially in the evenings.

You can also play with other colors such as green and red. Use it for Christmas decorations, put it on all 4 corners of a gaming room, and customize it to your liking. The possibilities are endless!

Rely On Hooks For Added Organization

Hook Basket Organizer from FECA

If you’re like most homeowners then one of your problems will be storage. You can’t easily add cabinets and shelves because these pieces of furniture are big and bulky. Lacking kitchen space to keep your cooking wares? Adding new counters, tables, and cupboards are out of the question because you probably have limited space already.

For this, these wall hooks will be your friend. It is a multipurpose object that can be stuck on your cabinet door or counter backsplash for an easy storage solution. You can hang your apron, ladles, pots, and lids.

You can also use hooks everywhere in your house for the same purpose. Don’t have a curtain for your window? Install hooks on both top ends and place a pole on it which is the same length as the window. Now you can hang a drape!

Add Some Greenery With Ornamental Plants

Biodegradable Pot from Paris Garden

Are you a plantito or plantita? Plants can be very expensive right now with more and more people becoming gardening enthusiasts. If you’re just starting, large plants can be difficult to take care of. Those who live in apartments with limited space will also find it hard to keep one.

Luckily, Paris Garden has a variety of small and easy to grow plants both beginners and advanced gardeners will like. For example, the Biodegradeable Pot provides all the things you need to grow a plant! It is available in Basil, Mint, Tomato, Sunflower, Strawberry varieties.

For children and kids at heart, their collection of grass hair kits are easy to use. The pots themselves are good for decorating shelves and desks with Dog, Ocean Animal, Smiley, and Pink Smiley variants. Paris Garden products can be bought for as low as 199.75 pesos.

Keep It Simple With Monochromatic Colors

Suction Mirror from FECA

One of the timeless tips you can follow is to keep it simple. If you don’t think you have the gift of creativity, the easiest thing to do is to stick to monochromatic colors. Whether it’s decorating your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or bathroom, this rule will make it look classy and stylish at the same time.

For a clean look, you can decorate using Feca’s white Diana products such as the suction mirror, storage basket, toilet bowl cleaner, multi holder, multifunction pipe clip, and many others. You can customize it to your needs, and build your collection little by little. Just keep your bathroom spotless, and it will look expensive.

If you prefer a stainless steel look for your kitchen, Feca’s Earl series has a rack set, ladle holder, knife holder, and a paper towel rack. It will make your preparation space more organized while upgrading the aesthetic quality. Easy right?

Key Takeaway

These easy DIY home decor ideas will keep your space organized while making it look stylish. All of these are fail-proof methods, and if you don’t want a certain design you can always change it later. After all, it is your house, and you are the one who will live in it. Just always keep in mind to enjoy redecorating your very own perfect home.

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