Ecobags in the Philippines: What You Need To Know About Envirosax Bags

March 26, 2021

What do you need to know about the best eco-bags in the Philippines? 

  1. Eco-friendly alternative for plastic
  2. Better durability
  3. Small enough to fit in any pocket
  4. Fashionable designs are available
  5. Perfect for daily use

Plastic is utilized almost everywhere. From food containers, grocery bags, cosmetic packaging, and more. However, about 8 million tons of this material drift in the oceans — killing millions of marine creatures each year and polluting coastlines globally. If this continues, the ecosystem will be continually affected. This is why many are making more eco-friendly purchases throughout the years. You should too! If you want to produce less waste and help the environment, you can start by utilizing eco-bags in the Philippines. Keep reading to learn more about Envirosax Bags!

Eco-Friendly Alternative For Plastic
Eco-friendly alternative for plastic

Have you ever noticed how much plastic you get from shopping? Even the smallest of items will be put inside a plastic bag for takeaway. 

At the end of the day, you end up utilizing your purchase and the plastic bag gets thrown away. Aside from the plastic bag itself, the production process is also baffling. About 12 million barrels of oil are needed each year to produce single-use packaging.

Transitioning to a zero-waste lifestyle might be challenging, but it’s definitely doable. Even the smallest changes make a big difference. 

When you use the Envirosax Bags instead, you eliminate the need for single-use plastic. Just imagine how much plastic material you are avoiding. Its production process is also better for the environment because it is made with lead-free and environmentally friendly printing methods and materials.

Better Durability 

If you’re already decided on using eco-bags but don’t know which one to purchase, we’re here to help you out! 

Remember, a reusable bag is only worth it if you can use it for a long time. If it breaks down after a few uses, it defeats the purpose of using one.

That’s where the Envirosax Bags comes in. Compared to most of the reusable grocery bags today, these are made with durability in mind. Each one has been load tested to hold 44 pounds, which is equivalent to a bag of potatoes or 5 gallons of water! That means that even if you use it to carry groceries weekly, it won’t rip or fall apart easily.

It is made with incredibly strong polyester material. With its reinforced seams, you don’t need to worry about your heavy items falling out. As a bonus, the Envirosax bag is also water-resistant. 

Small Enough To Fit In Any Pocket
Small enough to fit in any pocket

A part of what makes it a hassle to bring reusable bags is the bulkiness.

Thanks to the foldable material of the Envirosax bags, you can bring them anywhere! When opened flat, the bag measures 19.5 by 16.5 inches. After folding a few times, it can get as small as 2 inches. You can keep them in your front pocket, purse, and car drawers. In addition, it only just weighs 1.4 oz. 

Fashionable Designs Are Available

Eco-bags can be much more stylish than ordinary plastic bags. With the Envirosax bags, you will lessen global waste in style! This way, whether you’re carrying restaurant takeaways, your child’s diapers, or your beach essentials, you still look on point.

Envirosax bags offers numerous styles for every fashion taste. You can opt for ‘Out Of Africa’ for a black and white monochrome design, Sweet Treats for a cute pastry-inspired look, and Sun Kissed if you’re going to the beach! You can check out more designs at the Perfect Home online store.

Perfect For Daily Use
Perfect for daily use

Because of its water resistance and durability, you can rely on the Envirosax Bags for this easy and hassle-free cleaning. 

While other reusable bags can easily break down in a washing machine, the Envirosax bag is durable enough to withstand any wash setting. All you need to do is use a mild detergent, load it in the washer, and hang it to dry afterward. 

Key Takeaway

If you shop for groceries weekly, you consume at least 52 pieces of plastic bag yearly—and that’s only when you purchase a few items each time. Add to that the times you order deliveries and buy plastic packaged items. Multiply this with 23 million households in the country, and you get millions of waste each year.

Be a mindful and eco-friendly consumer and start using Envirosax bags. It’s incredibly durable, stylish, lightweight, and easy to clean. If you’re interested in this product, you can check the Perfect Home online store.


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