6 Home Accessories For A Kid’s Bedroom

September 2, 2021

What are the home accessories for a kid’s bedroom?

  1. Sparkle String Lights
  2. Boogie Board Tablet
  3. Boogie Board Sketch Petz
  4. Audio Cube Zero
  5. FECA Suction Cup Organizers
  6. Paris Garden Grass Hair Kit

Decorating and organizing a bedroom for your little one can be stressful and challenging. Aside from providing them with a cozy room that they can sleep in, you also need to consider their play-time needs! Fortunately, you can achieve all of these with a bit of creativity and some modern home accessories for sale in the Philippines. Here are the recommended home accessories for a kid’s bedroom!

Sparkle String Lights

Most kids have the passion and imagination for magic. If your child likes Disney princess movies, the Harry Potter series, and other fairy-tale stories, they will appreciate it if you incorporate these themes into the decor! 

If you want your kid’s room to look more magical, you can put up inexpensive string lights on the wall. It would look like stars that glitter when you turn off the light. This is perfect if you’re telling a story before bedtime. Sparkle offers plenty of lighting options for your decorating needs. You can choose from different colors and designs that are suitable for your kid’s bedroom.

Boogie Board Tablet

Not all homeowners have enough space for a separate playroom. That’s why some parents incorporate elements of play into their kid’s bedrooms. One good way you can combine playing and learning is through a Boogie Board electronic writing tool!

For instance, the Jot 4.5 Clearview is perfect for kids learning about writing and drawing. You can simply put it on top of the alphabet and number flashcards so your kid can trace over the characters without wasting paper. You can save the drawings on the mobile app too. For other electronic tablet features and models, click here!

Boogie Board Sketch Petz

Most kids have plushies in their room. This ignites their imagination and provides them comfort when they’re sad and scared. There is a variety of designs out there—dinosaurs, bears, cats, and dogs. Most of these are colorful, cute, and adorable.

If you’re looking for a functional plush toy for your kid’s room, you might like the Boogie Board Sketch Petz! Different from the more traditional stuffed toy, this snuggly plushie can also be your kid’s doodle buddy. It doesn’t require a marker, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up ink stains. Instead, your kid can use the inkless pen and draw on the sketching surface. To erase the sketch, just simply squeeze the plushie’s paw.

Audio Cube Zero

Do you have a kid that likes to listen to music? Perhaps they compose songs or enjoy singing along to lullabies. If that’s the case, then the Audiocube Zero is a perfect addition to their room. 

The Audiocube Zero is a wireless speaker, so you don’t need to plug it in, while in use. You can choose the songs from your phone, so you can lessen their screen time. It plays the sound in all directions and has 12-hour battery life. It’s small and portable too so you can bring it anywhere in the house.

FECA Suction Cup Organizers

Admit it, your kid’s bedroom is probably one of the messiest rooms in your house. With a high-energy child that likes to play, you probably have plenty of things to clean and tidy up daily. Fortunately, you can make this easier with FECA’s suction cup organizers.

For example, are school bags and sweaters often thrown into the bed? Provide a home for these things with the D27 Double Hook! It can handle up to 6 kg of weight. Are crayons and other drawing materials always sprawled out on the floor? How about the D5 Storage Basket? You can stick it on the wall so your kid can easily store their art materials after.

Paris Garden Grass Hair Kit

Paris Garden offers some inexpensive and adorable plant kits for kids’ bedrooms. These can teach your kids the basic idea of growing plants, while the final product is suitable as decoration for their room! 

For example, the Emoji Grass Hair Kit comes with a smiley-designed pot, grass seeds, starting soil, and growing instructions. The seeds will grow into the grass that looks like hair, so your kid can style it according to their preference! The pots are also available in different designs—such as pink smiley, puppy, and sea world. Because it’s cute and affordable, you can collect all the designs!

Key Takeaway

A kid’s bedroom should have the elements of imagination and playtime. But aside from toys and cute decor, it needs to be organized so you can keep it tidy without too much effort. With the right modern accessories from Perfect Home, you can redecorate and reorganize your kid’s room in a fun and practical way!

If you’re looking for home accessories for a kid’s bedroom, you can check out these products on the Perfect Home shop and have them delivered to your home!


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