5 Home Office Storage Solutions

September 19, 2021

What are some good home office storage solutions?

  1. FECA D5 Storage Basket
  2. FECA S21 Wall Shelf 
  3. FECA S20 Magazine Holder
  4. FECA I1 Phone And Tablet Holder
  5. FECA E6 Coat Rack

From the looks of it, the work-from-home protocol is here to stay. That’s why you might have considered redecorating your home office for a long time now. But let’s admit it, not all of you have plenty of space to work with. If you’re having trouble fitting numerous items into a small room, here are some home office storage solutions you can try! 

These are all products by FECA, a brand that produces suction cup organizers. With these, you won’t have to drill a hole in your precious walls. Instead, you can remove and reuse the organizers every time you feel like redecorating. You can freely use these in your kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms too! Convenient, isn’t it? Keep on reading to learn more.

FECA D5 Storage Basket

Most of you can probably relate that work desks tend to get messier as the day progresses. At the beginning of your workday, you have a perfectly clean and tidy table. But as you complete some paperwork, get some office tasks done, and eat lunch, you end your day with items all over the place.

If you want to quickly tidy up your desk, then the FECA D5 Storage Basket is an ideal solution. This organizer can carry up to 10 kilograms of items, so you can fit chargers, pens, Bluetooth speakers, phone holders, and more. If you’re looking for a smaller holder, you can check out the D4 Multi Holder.

FECA S21 Wall Shelf
FECA S21 Wall Shelf

Do you need more wall storage but don’t want to drill holes into your wall? Maybe you’re renting an apartment with a no-drill policy. Or maybe you just don’t want to sully the surface with nails. Your other option would be adhesives, but it’s not easy to remove the sticky residue if you plan to reuse the organizer. 

The perfect solution is the FECA S21 Wall Shelf. Just simply use the suction cup, stick it to the wall, and you’re done! The all-white design is classy and minimalist. You can use this to organize your books, display your certificates, and more. If you’re interested in a wooden design, you can also purchase the S22 Wall Shelf.

FECA S20 Magazine Holder

Other than work, there are plenty of things you can do in your home office. Browse cookbooks, read magazines or see the latest stories in the newspaper. Stacking them on the floor, on top of your table, or somewhere in a cabinet can make your office messier. Instead, you can use the S20 Magazine Holder!

The good thing about this storage solution is that it also serves as decor for your home office. You can attach the organizer to walls, at the sides of your desk, and more! It’s useful if you browse magazines for work, especially if you’re in fashion, publishing, and the like. 

FECA I1 Phone And Tablet Holder

FECA I1 Phone And Tablet Holder

Some people like to work using their laptops and desktop computers, while others prefer a tablet or a phone. To reduce hand strains, you need a gadget holder that can carry your device in place. This allows you to use the tablet or phone while connected to a mouse or a keyboard.

If you’re looking for a device holder, you can purchase the FECA I1 Phone And Tablet Holder! It uses suction cup technology to hold your gadget steadily. Unlike other holders that easily come off the surface, it can carry a device with up to a kilogram of weight. The holder is available in various colors too—such as black, green, rose bloom, and white.

FECA E6 Coat Rack

Video calls and conferences are an important part of working from home. Unless you work in a company that allows you to wear plain clothes, you always have to look business-ready before a meeting. One trick is to always have a blazer ready in your home office. This way, all you have to do is put it on, secure the buttons, and you’re ready for a video call. To keep it crease-free, you can hang your jackets in the FECA E6 Coat Rack. It’s convenient for storing your work bag too!

Other than the coat hanger, you can also install the E8 Extendable Mirror near your work desk. You can adjust the angle easily, so you’ll get a good view of your face whether you’re standing or sitting. This way, you can fix your make-up, brush your hair, and check your appearance before a meeting!

Key Takeaway

Decorating and organizing your home office is key to creating a conducive environment for working. Without clutter, you can focus on important tasks and complete them faster.

If you’re looking for home office storage solutions, you can order them here from Perfect Home! Other than these suction cup organizers, we also have other accessories that will make your remote work convenient



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