8 Amazing Home Storage Hacks And Solutions

February 1, 2021

What are some amazing home storage hacks and solutions?

  1. Use a shower caddy 
  2. Try placing baskets beside the sink
  3. Get a towel rack
  4. Install floating shelves along the walls 
  5. Hang items at the back of your door
  6. Tuck away kitchen tools and utensils 
  7. Hang clothes on S Hooks
  8. Be smart with space using laundry chains

You might find your place seeming tighter than the last time. Or you might not have that surplus of space for all your essentials in the first place. If you want to come to a decluttered and stress-free home every day, it’s time to get to work and learn about these amazing home storage hacks and solutions. All along the way, you’ll find this guide an ultimate life-saver for unleashing your home’s true storage potential. Read on! 

Use A Shower Caddy
FECA E7 Earl Double Corner Rack Set

At the end of the day, enjoying a nice shower is a treat. However, shower areas can become overly filled with hygiene items such as shampoos, body wash bottles, and soaps. Don’t make yours messy because it is not only unsightly, but it can also be a hazard potential for slipping.

Use a storage rack like the FECA E7 Earl Double Corner Rack Set to fully maximize the corner spaces of your shower area. This shower caddy is ideal for it can carry up to 12 kilograms of items and it is rust-resistant! Plus, its 2-tier design instantly adds extra storage for your every bath essential. 

Try Placing Baskets Beside The Sink

If your toiletries are cluttering every inch of the sink countertop, there’s a simple solution. Try placing bathroom necessities tucked away in baskets beside the sink. For this, the H21 Hades Storage Basket from FECA is ideal because its large size provides extra room and organizes toiletries. 

For example, you can place hair styling items in one basket and then skincare products in another. This way, you can easily tell apart what you need to grab and use them in a hurry. 

Get A Towel Rack
FECA D12 Deluxe Holder

Those towels probably take up a lot more room than you want them to. While you can just stack folded towels in the closet, there’s a better alternative that can hold even wet, used towels. 

Get a durable towel rack like the FECA D12 Deluxe Holder and hang or place your towels conveniently in one place. The best part about this? It is sure to elevate your bathroom ambiance to hotel stands. Plus, its ability to store multiple towels go beyond functional. 

Install Floating Shelves Along The Walls

Standing shelves are a great design feature in homes, but they also take up a significant amount of space. Fortunately, you can install floating shelves along walls to provide a stylish solution

Even books, home accessories, plants, and other essentials can be displayed in a chic way! Stay organized and free of space with an elegant floating shelf like the FECA P1 Prince Acrylic Tray

With its use of clear acrylic and chrome-coated ABS plastic, your home is sure to get that wonderful touch of aesthetic. Since it is heat-, water-, and rust-resistant, you can use this all part of your home too! 

Hang Items At The Back Of Your Door
FECA S27 Samurai Swivel Coat 6 Hooks

Your coats, umbrella, and other accessories don’t have to eat up precious space in your rooms. If you didn’t already know, doors can be used as storage solutions too. 

It’s well worth it to use the FECA S27 Samurai Swivel Coat 6 Hooks. With no nails nor drilling installation required, you can mount the powerful suction cups to your door or other non-porous walls for 6 useful hooks.

Tuck Away Kitchen Tools and Utensils 

While known as essential for any cook, a variety of kitchen tools and utensils such as pots, ladles, and pans can take up huge amounts of space. To reclaim some of your countertops and drawers, install hooks above the kitchen island using the N17 Noble 7 Hooks instead. Not only will this clear up some space, but it will also make it easier to choose your preferred items to cook the best dishes. 

Another solution would be to use a FECA E15 Earl Knife Holder to take those knives and breakable lids that would otherwise clutter your kitchen cabinets. Using a heavy-duty suction, you are offered peace of mind that curious kids are kept from harm’s way. 

Hang Your Clothes On S Hooks
FECA Stainless Double S Hooks

Hanging S hooks such as the FECA Stainless Double S Hooks on a rod is an easy way to increase your closet space instantly. These stainless steel hooks will store a number of jeans, shirts, and dresses, without the bulk of hangers. Use them in your closet or add a rod anywhere in your bedroom. Just ensure it is high enough to suspend clothes. 

Be Smart With Space Using Laundry Chains  

Instead of using a large standing rack with hangers for laundry, opt for an ingenious approach with FECA S8 Clothes Chain. This aesthetically-pleasing contraption grants the ability to manipulate angles at which it’s hung. It is flanked by two removable suction cups that can hold up to 20kg. It is also water and slippage resistant. For example, you can dry your clothes by attaching the chain from the washing machine area to a glass door. 

Key Takeaway

Come to a relaxing space every day that’s free from clutter by following these amazing home storage hacks and solutions. At Perfect Home, we have tied-up with FECA to offer products to make that happen. 

Be smart about storage. Click here to view the entire FECA collection today! 


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