4 Best House Plants For Kids

August 4, 2021

What are the best house plants for kids?

  1. Kids Bio Pot
  2. Puppy Grass Hair Kit
  3. Emoji Grass Hair Kit
  4. Bio Pot

Gardening is one of the trendiest hobbies to date with people cultivating all kinds of plants in their own backyards and balconies. So what’s stopping you from getting your little ones into the well-loved hobby as well? Gardening can help your little ones appreciate nature, encourage activities that don’t involve gadgets, and become an overall rewarding and fun bonding experience to be remembered. Houseplants for kids are easier to plant as well and they are inexpensive.  

When it comes to picking a houseplant for your children, make sure that each one is fun to grow, easy to grow, and most importantly, safe to grow. There are endless options to choose from when it comes to houseplants for kids, but the last thing you’ll want is to purchase a plant that is poisonous or a plant that has a difficult care level. 

Below are some of our best picks for houseplants for kids. Each one is a good starter plant that requires minimum maintenance. The best part is, you don’t have to look far and wide to purchase these — the best home decor online supplier in the Philippines, Perfect Home, has got you covered.

Kids Bio Pot

Whether you’re a parent who knows a lot about gardening or if you’re just starting to get into gardening for the first time, you’d know that it can easily turn into a tedious and expensive hobby to pursue. There’s also a need to buy all kinds of items such as garden gloves, rakes, shears, shovels, soil, seeds, pots, fertilizers, and even a hose for watering. For all these reasons, you should consider buying a Kids Bio Pot from Paris Garden. 

Paris Garden is an Australian-based company that’s an expert in urban farming. They aimed to make gardening a hassle-free hobby by curating plant kits complete with everything you will need. 

The Kids Bio Pot for your little ones because it comes with a pot, seeds, starting soils, growing instructions, and even cute stickers to decorate the pot. All you really need now is water and sunlight. The best part is, the pot is made of fiber which means it is easily biodegradable. Choose from easy to care for plant varieties such as Sunflower, Strawberry, or Cactus and have the best kind of bonding with your kids! 

Puppy Grass Hair Kit
Puppy Grass Hair Kit

Another easy-to-maintain houseplant for kids is the Puppy Grass Hair Kit. Kids love dogs for their cute appearance and extra loving attitudes. Every child will surely have a favorite puppy in mind. This is why the Puppy Grass Hair Kit is a fun and cute house plant that’s just perfect for kids who want to get into gardening!   

Let your little one choose from dog breeds like Schnauzer, Poodle, French Bulldog, and Jack Russel. Each complete kit includes a ceramic pot, a soil mix pellet, a sachet of ryegrass seed, and growing instructions. Your kids will surely enjoy watering, putting some sun, sowing the plant just to watch the green hair grow out of the knick-knack pot. 

Emoji Grass Hair Kit

Not sure if a dog design will put a smile on your kid’s face? No worries! Paris Garden came up with more exciting design options for houseplants like the Emoji Grass Hair Kit. 

The Emoji Grass Hair Kit has different expressions like Delicious, Happy, Love, and Wink. Your little one can choose the design that perfectly matches his or her current mood. Each kit contains a brightly glazed ceramic pot, a sachet of ryegrass seed, starting soil, and growing instructions. Just plant, water, wait for the funky hair-like plant to grow. and you Trim it with the help of your children. Collect all four designs for the best kind of fun! 

Bio Pot
Bio Pot - basil

Want your kids to help you out in the kitchen? There’s no better and safer way to do so than to let them plant the Paris Garden Bio Pot. 

Each one of the bio pots lets you grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables from your own backyard. The seed choices are practical because they easily allow you to make restaurant-quality dishes at home. Just imagine harvesting basil, mint, tomato, and strawberry with your kids and being able to serve delicious lemon basil grilled chicken or fresh garden tomato salads for the whole family. 

Each Paris Garden Bio Pot contains a stylish ceramic pot, the seed of your choice, starting soil, growing instructions, and wooden tags with a slate for descriptions. 

Key Takeaway  

Gardening can be an exciting and rewarding activity for children of all ages. For this reason, we’ve rounded up the best houseplants for kids that are easy to grow, safe to grow, and fun to grow.  

All these are available from the Perfect Home website. As the best home decor online supplier in the Philippines, we can deliver your Paris Garden DIY gardening kit right to your doorstep for an affordable price. Click here to start shopping now!


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