How To Keep Your Kitchen Organized

February 10, 2022

How do you keep your kitchen organized?

  1. Declutter your kitchen
  2. Invest in high-quality organizers
  3. Adjust your shelving
  4. Make most-used items accessible
  5. Sort out cabinets once and for all

Do you feel like no matter how often you organize your kitchen, it just keeps going back to its original state? If that’s the case, then you might be doing something wrong. Maybe you’re not using the right organizers, or you’re storing the wrong items in the wrong place. If you’re having trouble, here are some tips on how to keep your kitchen organized. Keep on reading to learn more!

Declutter Your Kitchen

No matter how much you clean and reorganize your kitchen items, your space will end up dirty and cluttered if you’re not committed to keeping it clean. For instance, instead of throwing out items you don’t need anymore, you keep on adding more. Remember, it’s hard to stay organized if you have too much stuff in your kitchen.

Before you organize your kitchen, make time to declutter it first. Anything that you don’t really use should be donated or sold instead. Be mindful of the things you buy and make sure that you don’t end up with an overflowing kitchen.

Invest In High-Quality Organizers

Invest In High Quality Organizers

To keep your kitchen organized for a long time, you’ll need high-quality organizers that are made of durable materials. Sure, that cardboard box you use for storing your ingredients might do for now, but it will eventually deteriorate due to wear, moisture, and other factors.

If you’re shopping for organizers, consider FECA’s suction cup solutions. Installation is easy as it doesn’t require drilling or adhesives. And best of all, the products are 100% resistant to water, heat, rust, and slipping!

Adjust Your Shelving

One of the common mistakes homeowners do when organizing is installing shelves too high or too low. If you store your most-used items on these shelves, make sure that they’re at eye level. Or else, you might forget that they’re there in the first place! For shelves that are installed in high places, you can use the space to store your seldom-used items. 

By adjusting your shelves, you can take advantage of the amount of vertical space you have. Fortunately, FECA’s shelving can be removed and adjusted anytime you need.

Make Most Used Items Accessible

Make Most Used Items Accessible

Don’t store your most used items where you can’t see them — such as inside cabinets. Once you get them out, you’ll probably feel too lazy to put them back in. Instead, you might choose to leave them on your kitchen counters because you’ll probably use them again anyway. This habit will lead to more and more clutter.

Instead, list down the items you use daily. From spices, pot holders, ladles, and more — think of how you can make these items accessible. For example, you can use the Spice Jar Set, which can be attached to a stainless steel rod above your kitchen counters. Want to hang kitchen tools where you can see them? Use the N17 Noble 7 Hooks.

Sort Out Cabinets Once And For All

Speaking of cabinets, you shouldn’t just stuff all your kitchen items inside. While it’s a good practice to keep counters as clear as possible, you don’t want to see a mess each time you open a cabinet door. If you want to keep this space organized, make full use of FECA’s suction cup solutions.

You can use baskets, shelves, hooks, or racks to organize your stuff. For example, you can put up the D27 Double Hook behind cabinet doors to store pans!

Key Takeaway

Your kitchen is one of the most used areas in your home. But without the proper organization strategies, it will end up messy and cluttered no matter how much you clean it. If you’re tired of this situation, we hope that this article can help you keep your space organized for a long time.

Now that you know how to keep your kitchen organized, you can start investing in high-quality organization pieces today! With FECA, you don’t have to worry about messy drilling, adhesives, and installation. You can even adjust your placement anytime you like to get the best results. And best of all, the organizers are resistant to water, rust, and heat, so they’re guaranteed to last a long time. Click here to start shopping.


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