How To Organize Your Messy Cables At Home

June 3, 2022

How do you organize your messy cables at home?

  1. Declutter your cord collection
  2. Group cables for easy access
  3. Try using a multipurpose cable
  4. Opt for wireless devices
  5. Use a hairstyling storage unit
  6. Invest in smart power outlets

Wires and cables can get tangled so easily. You store untangled earphones in your pocket, and the next thing you know, they’ve become tangled! Wires, cords, and cables are some of the things that can easily contribute to clutter in your home. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce this problem. If you’re interested, here are some tips on how to organize cables at home. Keep on reading!

Declutter Your Cord Collection

Declutter Your Cord Collection

Before organizing your messy cables, take time to declutter first. You want to ensure that you’re only storing cables, cords, and chargers that you will regularly use. You will only waste your precious storage space when you organize your clutter. 

Take out all your cords and check each one. Get rid of the ones that don’t work or belong to devices that you don’t have anymore. You can always donate the ones that still work. Once you’ve done that, you will be left with what you actually use. 

Group Cables For Easy Access

After decluttering your cables, you should also find a way to label each one and prevent them from getting tangled. There are plenty of ways to do this. You can purchase cord identifiers or even use plastic bread clips. Wrap the cords and cables to keep them separate and keep them from getting tangled. You can purchase Velcro, rubber twist ties, or even rubber bands. 

After that, try to keep all your cables and cords in one place, so you don’t have to go all around the place when you need to charge a device. You can designate a drawer to keep them. If you want to free up drawer space, you can use a suction cup organizer like the FECA H21 Storage Basket (L). It doesn’t require any drilling or adhesives, so you can use remove and reposition it anytime. 

Try Using A Multipurpose Cable

Try Using A Multipurpose Cable

If you need more cables or want to swap out your old ones soon, try looking for multipurpose ones. This way, you will not just save money, but also lessen the number of cables you need to keep at home. 

For example, the Design Nest USB 3-in-1 Cable is made up of three different connectors — USB type-C, lightning, and micro-USB. This way, you can use the same cable for multiple devices. This lessens the amount of clutter you have to deal with. Other than that, the USB cable is made with a flat design, so it’s less likely to be tangled when you store it in your storage basket or in your bag!

Opt For Wireless Devices

If you want to lessen the number of cables lying around your home, you should choose wireless devices next time when you’re shopping. This way, you only need to take out the chargers once in a while and eliminate messy cables from view!

For instance, if you’re planning to purchase a speaker, you can shop around for wireless options. The Audiocube Zero by Design Nest is one example. This cubic-shaped stereo can play music for up to 12 hours without cables. You can just charge the device when needed so you can listen to music anytime, anywhere. Due to the cubic design, the sound radiates evenly in all directions!

Use A Hairstyling Storage Unit

If you’re having problems organizing your hair tools, then considered having a separate storage unit for them. This way, you can keep the cords out of the way and clear up counter space in your vanity area! This is beneficial for tools that you use often. 

For example, you can keep your blow-dryer and its cords tidy with the FECA S7 Hair Dryer Holder. You can store your favorite hairdryer and two brushes on this suction cup storage unit.

Invest In Smart Power Outlets

Invest In Smart Power Outlets

It’s easier to organize your electronic devices and cords in one area if you have enough power outlets to plug them in. If you’re interested, you can eliminate bulky plug blockage with the PowerCube Remote Original from Design Nest! It has four power outlets, a switch, and a remote to turn the PowerCube on and off from a distance. It has a space-saving design too. 

Key Takeaway

By knowing how to organize your cables at home, you can reduce the clutter and also make your cables easier to access! It also helps in making your space much more aesthetically pleasing, too. 

If you’re interested in other items that can help you organize and improve the appearance of your home, you can check out our online store here at Perfect Home. From modern home accessories, suction cup organizers, and more — we can have them delivered to your home!


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