How To Recreate A Hotel Bathroom At Home

April 5, 2022

How can you recreate a hotel bathroom at home?

  1. Invest in good ambient lighting
  2. Invest in towels
  3. Install mirrors 
  4. Focus on the tub
  5. Stick to a theme
  6. Layout

When you check in to a hotel, the bathroom area can easily level up or bring down your overall view of the room. This is why most hotel bathrooms are designed to be the most luxurious part of the room. Of course, these lavish bathrooms are not limited to hotels, resorts, casinos, and other commercial spaces alone. With a few techniques, you can also learn how to recreate a hotel bathroom at home!

Staying in a hotel is regarded as a temporary memory for most of us, and we get jealous of the ambiance of luxury hotels. What we don’t realize is that we can have the same luxurious feel of hotel bathrooms in our homes. 

In this blog, we list down tips on how you can easily recreate a hotel bathroom at your home. Keep reading to learn more!

Invest in good ambient lighting

Invest in good ambient lighting

One of the best ways to upgrade your bathroom is by improving its lighting. You can give your bathroom a luxurious feel by highlighting its design through good ambient lighting. 

If you want ideas, you can try searching for bathroom lighting on Pinterest. Make sure to use lighting that best fits your bathroom — be it LED strips, backlit mirrors, candles, or natural lighting from well-positioned windows. You can also try using scone lights on both sides of a mirror or pendants to give your bathroom a more trendy look.

Invest in towels

You read that right. You should invest in towels to maintain the luxe feel of a hotel bathroom in your home! What could be better than drying yourself with a thick comfy towel after a nice hot bath? You can recreate this experience without paying for a hotel room by simply investing in 100% cotton towels for your bathroom. 

Try to look for thicker towels with plain colors, like whites, greys, and beige, because they are more commonly used in luxurious hotels. If you want to go the extra mile, get a matching dressing gown and get them all embroidered with your initials! 

Install mirrors

Most luxury hotel bathrooms are designed with plenty of mirrors and shiny surfaces as these can easily increase the appeal of the whole room through reflections. Mirrors also improve the brightness of a room. 

Install mirrors in your bathroom to bring more natural light in. This will impose a more deluxe effect on the bathroom itself while also making the room feel lighter. 

Focus on the tub

Focus on the tub

Bathtubs are often focal points of hotel bathrooms. If you own a statement bathtub, one that’s preferably a standalone part of the bathroom, make the most of it and design your bathroom around it. A good way to do this is to place the tub in a dedicated space designed with marble and quartz. Then, have surfaces nearby for candles, soap, and other toiletries. 

If you don’t have a bathtub or think you have a plain-looking one, try investing in a statement bathtub to give your bathroom a grand hotel feel!

Stick to a theme

A well-designed room requires harmony of all elements. For hotel bathrooms, the same holds true. You’ll find that all hotel bathrooms stick to a specific color theme. All their furnishing and accessories always match the theme. Make sure you do the same as you redesign your bathroom. 

Choosing accessories and furnishing with clashes of colors might ruin the harmonious ambiance that you’re going for. Avoid making the area feel too cluttered by incorporating too many textures or by mixing traditional and contemporary design elements.



Clutter is one of the enemies of a simple yet elegant bathroom design. Recreating a hotel bathroom at home means embracing the same simplicity that hotel bathrooms use without losing the sense of luxury. 

Figure out a layout for your bathroom that organizes all the items by function, yet maintains the aesthetic look. A good tip is to try and incorporate symmetry into the design as it is very comfortable to look at. You can also go for bold choices like placing your bathtub near the window for a view. No matter what, make sure your layout removes all clutter.

Key Takeaway

We hope this guide can help you how to recreate a hotel bathroom at home. As you have read, it can require a bit more effort and time to get that coveted, luxury hotel bathroom vibe. Nonetheless, it’s all worth it. Having your baths in peace while surrounded by such an environment is very pleasant. Some might even say it’s therapeutic.

If you want to achieve this while also cutting costs, you should look for a place to shop for home accessories that bring the promised quality with value for money. Thankfully, you’re already in the right place! Here at Perfect Home, we provide innovative and reliable household products that could help you design the perfect bathroom! Check out our products at the online shop today!


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