How To Reduce Home Office Clutter

June 25, 2022

How do you reduce home office clutter?

  1. Declutter little by little
  2. Sort your belongings into categories
  3. Try to keep everything digital
  4. Prioritize the essentials
  5. Keep most used items in one place
  6. Make the most out of vertical space

A home office is important for people who mainly work from home. But because workdays can be so busy, it’s easy to make this place more cluttered over time! From printed files, messy cable wiring, small gadgets, and other items — more and more things could accumulate, making your space disorganized. A messy and dirty environment can affect your focus and productivity, so it’s not suitable for a home office. If you want to keep your space clean and productivity-inducing, here are some tips on how to reduce home office clutter. Keep on reading!


Declutter Little By Little

When you’re busy, taking on a big decluttering project can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to declutter section by section, taking on little by little every day. This way, you won’t quit in the middle! 

For instance, tomorrow, you can tackle the filing cabinet. The next day, you can arrange the wiring and cables. After that, you can tidy up the desk space! In a few days, you’ll be surprised at the result you can achieve by taking on a small amount of work daily. Dividing your project into small chunks also gives you more fulfillment as you see the progress you’re making. 


Sort Your Belongings Into Categories

Sort Your Belongings Into Categories

It’s easy to mess up a newly decluttered space, especially if you’re too busy to worry about keeping your space clean. To fix this, try to sort your home office belongings into categories. 

For instance, the first drawer is for pens and writing items, the drawer under that is for chargers, and under that, you will keep small gadgets. By having a home for every item, you can easily put them back where they belong, which helps you keep your space clean and tidy for a long time!


Try To Keep Everything Digital

One of the main causes of home office clutter is paperwork. Keeping track of various documents can become difficult, once you have too many printed files. Chances are, you will lose storage space soon, so the files will just end up piled on your desk. 

If you want to reduce clutter, try to store your files digitally instead. You can scan paper files and store them on your computer or in cloud storage. This makes them easier to organize. When you need something, you can also easily search for it on your computer!


Prioritize The Essentials

Prioritize The Essentials

Clutter starts when items start to accumulate in one place. It starts with a pen left out on the desk. The next day, you start accumulating clutter by leaving your make-up products on the table. And so on and so forth. 

To reduce clutter, only keep the frequently used items out such as your laptop and a few notebooks. Everything else should be kept in drawers and cabinets for easy access. Aside from that, try to remove items that are not related to your work. 


Keep Most Used Items In One Place

Keep Most Used Items In One Place

Speaking of your most-used items, you shouldn’t just leave them out in the open. It’s good to keep them in a basket, a bin, or some kind of organizer, so you can keep your home office tidy. This way, you can easily access these items without creating a mess!

If you’re looking for organizers, you can check out FECA’s suction cup solutions. Their organizers can be attached to non-porous surfaces with the use of a suction cup, so you don’t have to worry about adhesives and drilling. You can use the H21 Storage Basket Set to organize your essentials. The set comes with three baskets, so you can have a basket for different items!


Make The Most Out Of Vertical Space

Make The Most Out Of Vertical Space

If you have a small home office, the best thing to do is to make use of the vertical space. This means that you should take advantage of the wall! 

For example, you can install floating shelves to store books and folders. The S22 Wall Shelf from FECA is a perfect choice because it doesn’t require drilling. It also has a 12 kg capacity! Do you use magazines, newspapers, cookbooks, and catalogs as reference materials? Then the S20 Magazine Holder is also recommended.


Key Takeaway

It’s normal to have a cluttered home office, especially if you’re really busy with work and don’t have time for cleaning and organizing. But a messy and disorganized space can affect your productivity and efficiency at work. 

Follow these tips on how to reduce home office clutter, so your working space can be more conducive for working! A clean and organized environment will help you focus on your tasks and keep distractions away. If you’re interested in FECA’s suction cup solutions, you can find them here at Perfect Home! We have plenty of modern home accessories for sale in the Philippines for you to choose from — from baskets, holders, hooks, racks, and more! 


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