How To Transform Your Bathroom On A Budget

January 15, 2021

How can you transform your bathroom on a budget?

  1. Eliminate clutter
  2. Go with big tiles
  3. Paint
  4. Replace outdated lighting
  5. Recaulk and regrout
  6. Install multi-tasking shelves

There’s nothing more exciting than coming home to a functional yet stylish bathroom. However, we all have to admit that remodeling bathrooms aren’t exactly light on the pocket. Here’s the good news: we’ve rounded up some ways on how to transform your bathroom on a budget.

Reviving your old bathroom doesn’t mean you have to overhaul all the items. With a little thought and creativity, you can add character to your space without breaking the bank. Read on to learn more about this!

Eliminate Clutter

From essential toiletries all the way down to grooming products, plenty of products can clutter your bathroom space. It doesn’t cost anything to declutter.

Start by getting a box to place in all the items you don’t use. This is the perfect time to throw out all your expired products as well. Doing so will provide you with a gleaming and fresh bathroom.

Go With Big Tiles

Bathroom with big tiles on walls

If you didn’t already know, tiles are expensive. This is especially true when you need to hire someone to lay it out for you. To save money, opt to lay big tiles instead. No matter how big or small your bathroom is, large tiles will mean installing fewer tiles and less grouting.

Alternatively, you can use tiles to form an accent wall. A tile accent wall will not only look great but it will also save you a lot of money as well.


If you can’t stretch your budget to re-tile the entire bathroom, remember that you can always repaint it. Give your bathroom a whole new look with just a few pints of paint.

Vivid shades like turquoise and bright red impart bold statements. On the other hand, neutral colors can create an illusion of space and modernity.

Try painting your bathroom using white paint. White walls are rising in popularity among interior designers and home decor enthusiasts for good reason. It’s a bright and crisp color that offers endless design potential.

Replace Outdated Lighting

Woman with a face mask

Replace your outdated lighting to enhance aesthetics and create a mood for your bathroom.

Ideally, you would need a light source for your mirror and sink countertop. Consider using LED lights because they are energy-efficient and cost-efficient. If you have natural light access in the bathroom, let it in.

Pendant lights with a soft and warm glow are perfect for creating a relaxing mood while taking showers. Simple wall sconces and standing lamps help brighten the area beautifully.

No matter what light you go with, remember to think about it carefully as it defines the overall look and ambiance of your bathroom.

Recaulk and Regrout

Grout and caulk are an often overlooked aspect of homes. If left unmanaged, it gets dirty and unsightly. Clean up the lines around the tiles, sink, and tub. Afterward, regrout and recaulk. This is the most inexpensive way to freshen up your bathroom.

Throw In Coordinating Accessories

A quick and cheap way to upgrade your bathroom is through the use of accessories. To create a coordinated bathroom look, purchase accessories that match your current color scheme.

The Squatty Potty Curve is a functional toilet stool perfect for accessorizing a modern bathroom, it comes in black or white. Wooden laundry baskets help add a rustic feel to the room. Look out for cheap towels, jars, and soap dispensers that come in the same shade. These accessories can support the bathroom’s overall color scheme as well.

Install Multi-Tasking Shelves

FECA E7 Earl Stainless Steel Double Corner Basket Set

Installing multi-tasking shelves is a great way to save money for bathroom storage solutions.

Choose a stylish and functional rack like the FECA E1 Earl Rack Set to place all your toiletries in and free up countertop space. Even in a tiny shower area, a functional wall shelf like the FECA E7 Earl Stainless Steel Double Corner Basket Set is helpful in gathering all types of shampoos and soaps.

A good tip in designing all these shelves is to add decorative pieces like scented candles, rolls of tissues, wooden signages, house plants, frames, and stacks of folded towels. Be as creative as you can! Move the accessories around to get a feel of what arrangement looks best.

Key Takeaway

If you’re wondering about how to transform your bathroom on a budget, simply follow the seven tips we’ve stated above.

It doesn’t have to cost an enormous amount of money just to get your bathroom looking pleasant and fresh. At Perfect Home, we have numerous tie-up brands that offer products to make that happen.


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