Squatty Potty 101: How Toilet Posture Affects Your Health

January 28, 2021

How can toilet posture affect your health?

  1. It Can Make Elimination Easier
  2. It Can Reduce Constipation
  3. It Can Prevent Fecal Problems
  4. It Can Prevent Hemorrhoid Problems

Some people are shy when it comes to talking about their toilet habits. But elimination is an important activity that should be done regularly to get rid of waste in the body. Plus, not everyone passes stool easily because of factors such as health, diet, and even posture. Wait. Posture? You may be wondering about that last one. If you want to know how toilet posture affects your health and the accessories you can buy to help you healthily eliminate, keep on reading!

It Can Make Elimination Easier

Man sitting on toilet

Some people take a long time doing their business in the bathroom. This may be caused by a number of reasons—scrolling through news feeds, watching a TV show on the phone, or having a hard time pushing stools.

First, let’s talk about what happens inside you when you poop. After digesting the nutrients in your food, all that’s left is waste that should be excreted. This builds up in the rectum and passes through the anal canal before going out of your body.

When you’re standing up, the anal canal is bent at an angle to prevent accidental leakage. When you have to go, your rectal muscles relax, but you still have to put energy into pushing it out. According to a study, squatting is a position that allows your rectum to straighten out, so you don’t have to strain your abdominal muscles while pooping. 

This results in faster toilet breaks and a more effective way to empty all the wastes in your rectum as opposed to sitting down. In fact, 71% of participants from this study at Ohio State University reported faster experience when using a Squatty Potty!

It Can Reduce Constipation

Some people have a hard time passing a stool more than others. This condition is called constipation. This is when you have less than 3 bowel movements within 7 days. It also leads to harder stools and inefficient waste removal from the body.

Some causes of constipation are colon cancer, tears around the anus, colon blockage,  and other underlying medical conditions. But in some cases, causes are never found. 

Constipated people tend to strain more to push out their stool. As discussed before, sitting down is not the most convenient way to defecate because it doesn’t straighten out the anal canal. This makes it harder for people with this condition to have frequent bowel movements.

On the other hand, the squatting posture can ease constipation because it allows a straight route for waste to go out. 90% of the participants from the same study before experienced less straining when they have to go.

It Can Prevent Fecal Problems

Woman experiencing stomach pain

Can you go for long periods without pooping? Regular bowel movements can prevent possible fecal problems associated with constipation. Two of these are fecal impaction and a bowel perforation. 

Prolonged intervals without doing the no. 2 can lead to the hardening of stool. With fecal impaction, waste gets stuck in the rectum or colon which obstructs the rectal passage and builds up as time goes by. This condition requires medical attention to remove the impaction. 

On the other hand, bowel perforation happens when excess stool puts pressure on the intestines and leads to tears and holes. Because of this, the bacteria from the waste affects your abdomen, which can lead to infection.

With a squatting posture, you may be able to have more bowel movements, so you can prevent these problems. 

It Can Prevent Hemorrhoid Problems

Do you sit for long hours on the toilet waiting for your stool to come out? This may lead to unnecessary straining which can put pressure on your rectum and anus. Hard stools can be caused by a poor diet low in fiber and hydration. Too much straining is one of the causes of hemorrhoid problems.

What are hemorrhoids? These are swollen veins in and around your lower area which can cause itching, irritation, pain, and bleeding. You may see a few spots of blood in your stool because of this.

To prevent this problem, having the right posture can make it easier for you to excrete waste while in the bathroom. Squatting is the recommended position to prevent any straining and allow stools to slide out more naturally.

Key Takeaway

In this blog post, you learned more about how toilet posture affects your health. If you choose to squat, it can help you pass stool easily which can lead to less constipation, fecal problems, and even hemorrhoids! 

But squatting on top of your sitting toilet can be dangerous. The seats are slippery, and you can easily fall and injure yourself. On the other hand, renovating your bathroom to have a squat toilet can be expensive.

So what is the solution here? If you’re interested in doing the squat on a sitting toilet, the most cost-effective option would be to purchase a Squatty Potty! If you prefer to bring one on your travels, you can opt for the Porta-Squatty which can be folded into a carrying bag. 

Just simply put your feet on it and do your business as usual. Raising your legs puts your posture in a squatting position which can make bowel movements more efficient even when you’re sitting on your toilet. Get your Squatty Potty today!


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