7 Kitchen Organizers You Need To Use

September 18, 2021

What are the kitchen organizers you need to use?

  1. E1 Earl Multipurpose Rack 
  2. N17 Noble 7 Hooks
  3. E15 Earl Knife Holder
  4. E23 Earl Ladle Holder
  5. D8 Tissue Box  
  6. E4 Earl 3-In-1 Rack
  7. SJ1 Spice Jar Set 

It’s true that it can be hard to organize any room in the house, but the kitchen is undoubtedly the space that is seen as a magnet for clutter. You’ll easily find that cabinets are filled with pots, drawers are full of mismatched tupperware, and pantries are stocked with ingredients from the past years. It’s no wonder kitchens are always chaotic. If you want to clear up cooking space, here are seven kitchen organizers you need to use. From now on, you’ll only be seeing a well-arranged pantry, fridge, and wall space when you cook. 

E1 Earl Multipurpose Rack

Get extra storage space quickly with the E1 Earl Multipurpose Rack. It is a simple stainless steel rack that can hold anything you need at arm’s length while cooking such as spices, saute ingredients, sauces, fruits, or vegetables. Don’t worry about drilling during installation because this innovative rack uses powerful suction cups that can carry up to 8kg of items. It is not only rust-resistant but also maximizes usage!  

N17 Noble 7 Hooks

N17 Noble 7 Hooks

The secret to keeping your kitchen counters free from clutter is to take advantage of the wall space. The more things you hang on your kitchen walls, the more room you will have to cook delicious food. 

If you want to organize your cooking space, using the N17 Noble 7 Hooks Holder is the way to go. It allows you to hang up towels, mugs, and other kitchen utensils. The best part about this holder is that it is made of stainless steel and ABS plastic. You don’t have to worry about water and rust accumulation from damaging the suction’s effectiveness.   

E15 Earl Knife Holder

Traditional knife blocks tend to be bulky and take up a lot of countertop space. Keep your knives all in one place with the E15 Earl Knife Holder and enjoy more kitchen space. 

Don’t worry about dropping any knife as well. Through powerful suction cups, this knife holder can hold up to 12kg of items without any drilling. It will hold even if you reinstall it numerous times. This way you can place your sharp knives high up on a wall, keeping curious children from harm’s way. 

And if you always find yourself scrambling to grab your favorite lid for a pan or pot, this knife holder is another great option as you can store lids in the attached rack in front. 

E23 Earl Ladle Holder

E23 Earl Ladle Holder

Not enough drawer space for your ladles? Instead of cramming all kinds of wooden spoons and spatulas in a cluttered drawer, consider stowing them away in the E23 Earl Ladle Holder. This floating rack can be attached to somewhere easily accessible in the kitchen when you need them so you can cook your signature recipes with ease. 

As it is made with stainless steel material, you can count on its durability for a long time. This ladle holder’s white coaster is also incredibly easy to clean because it is made of ABS Plastic. 

D8 Tissue Box 

Tissues are often overlooked when it comes to eating up kitchen counter space. Nonetheless, tissues are important items for cooking as food and liquid spills can always happen. 

Not a fan of paper towels on the counter? Hang up the D8 Diana Tissue Box. This stylish tissue box comes in an elegant white, chevron-patterned finish so you can pay attention to aesthetics while observing cleanliness in your kitchen at all times. 

E4 Earl 3-In-1 Rack

E4 Earl 3-In-1 Rack

Sometimes instead of getting three separate kitchen organizers, you’d want an all-in-one organizer to maximize space. The E4 Earl 3-In-1 Rack is a stylish organizer that lets you store not only paper towels but also other utensils. It comes with three tiers of storage so you can take advantage of empty kitchen walls. It is also designed with a stylish stainless steel finish, which is ideal for matching modern kitchen themes. 

SJ1 Spice Jar Set

Most pantries are often cluttered and you’ll have to spend so much time digging through plastics just to find the spice you need. The SJ1 Spice Jar Set lets you store all kinds of herbs and spices in neat, transparent containers. It has a hook design at the top so you can easily attach it to a wall rack. This way you can season your food with ease. 

Key Takeaway

Listed in this article are the seven kitchen organizers you need to use. Achieve your cooking tasks so much easier with kitchen organizers that save up space and time! As the best home decor online supplier in the Philippines, we’ve got the top organizing accessories in store. Click here to shop at Perfect Home now! 


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