6 Modern Home Decor Ideas For Transforming Your Home

February 10, 2021

What are the modern home decor ideas for transforming your home?

  1. Go for a neutral color palette
  2. Adopt an open plan design 
  3. Decorate with plants
  4. Rethink lighting 
  5. Declutter and be smart with storage
  6. Use clean lines 

Whether you live in a condominium or a 2-storey house, one thing’s for sure: you can easily transform your home when you know the best modern home decor ideas.

Modern home living is rising to popularity and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. With a focus on elements such as clean lines, neutral color palettes, touches of wood, open spaces with plenty of natural lighting, and minimalist accessories — its aesthetic exudes a pleasing charm of its own. 

As the go-to modern home accessories for sale in the Philippines, Perfect Home is dedicated to providing tips for a well-styled space you’ll love. Continue reading to know about some of the best modern home decor ideas!

Go For A Neutral Color Palette
Living room with a neutral color palette

Modern home decor is characterized with neutral color palettes. This is because they are versatile enough and can complement any furniture or accessory. In the context of interior design, the neutrals are beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray and crisp shades of white. 

Layer different neutral hues of the same color for a sophisticated and harmonious look. For instance, you can choose a crisp white shade for the walls and black furniture. Tie the room together with accessories that include some or all of the shades you have used. Floors are better off with neutral wood, tile, or vinyl. 

Stick with appliances that have neutral colors as well. For example, instead of vivid colored rice cookers, a sleek stainless steel one like the Tatung TAC-06KN might match your modern home decor better. 

Adopt An Open Plan Design

If you want to create a strong impact in your foyer, our senior designers at Décor Aid recommend adopting an open-plan design if possible. This interior design will make your home appear more spacious than it actually is.

An open-plan layout is a must when it comes to modern home interior design. An open living, dining and kitchen area helps to eliminate unnecessary structures within a home while encouraging free airflow.

Decorate With Plants

Woman decorating room with plants

Adding plants is a great way to make homes livelier. It’s a living accessory that elevates your home decor on a budget and makes it feel more connected with nature.  

Fill a corner, add life to a room, bring color into a space, and create eye-catching elements with Paris Garden. Choose from different DIY grow kits to grow flowers, grass, fresh herbs, and even vegetables at home. 

Rethink Lighting

Lighting can make or break even the best interior design. It certainly has an integral part in modern decor as well. You’ll notice that in the morning every modern home is bright and brimming with natural lighting. At dawn, ambient lighting bounces off ceilings and walls.

Install big windows and let natural ventilation in. Make sure you find a few ambient lighting fixtures and lamps to tie the whole look together. Through this, you’ll find your home exuding a welcoming ambiance.

Warm lights are one of the best choices for modern homes. But when it comes to this, make sure to choose something that has an aesthetic and minimalist design — one that triggers unity in the decor. 

Try the Design Nest Heng Lamp. This Red Dot design award winner brings an innovative approach to lighting wherein two magnetic spheres connect mid-air and remain suspended. It has a minimalist Asian Zen design, choices for sleek hues, and illuminates any room with a soft warm glow.

String LED lights like the Sparkle 19014 are also rising to popularity in contemporary lighting with bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms becoming eye-catching with warm white glows. 

Declutter and Be Smart With Storage
FECA P1 Prince Acrylic Tray

At the very core of modern decor is minimalism, which means living with only the things you really need. Less is more. So declutter your kitchen countertops, cabinets, and tables. Place all the essentials in smart yet aesthetic storage solutions

A good way to do this is by using the FECA P1 Prince Acrylic Tray. With its use of clear acrylic plastic, your spaces are sure to get that wonderful touch of modern elegance. Place all your trinkets in minimalist jars then put these side by side with small abstract paintings and geometric accessories. 

Use Clean Lines

Fundamentally, a modern home decor is defined by simplicity and deliberate use of clean lines. It is without fuss, comfortable, and cozy. The lines found in modern architecture include bold color blocks, bare windows, high ceiling, round columns, and geometric art. 

Keep the bases clean and use furniture that’s bold yet uncluttered. Make a statement by using leather, velvet, wool, linen, silk, and metals to add textural interest. However, try to stick to muted colors.

Key Takeaway

What better way to take delight in staying at home than having an aesthetically modern looking one? We have rounded up the best modern home decor ideas in this guide to spark your interest in transforming your spaces. 

At Perfect Home, we’ve got all you need to complete your modern home decor! Click here to find the best modern home accessories for sale in the Philippines.  


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