5 Unique Party Favor Ideas In The Philippines

March 6, 2021

What are some unique party favor ideas in the Philippines?

  1. Do It Yourself Plant Kits 
  2. LED String Lights
  3. Mini Lamp
  4. Patterned Tote Bags
  5. Powercube  

Whether you are hosting a kid’s birthday, graduation party, baptism, debut, wedding, or any other occasion  — party favors are something that shouldn’t be forgotten. A party favor is a small gift given to guests at a party as a gesture of thanks for their attendance or as a memento of the occasion. With all the choices for party favors, it can be confusing to choose the perfect one. Continue reading on because we have rounded up five unique party favor ideas in the Philippines to take inspiration from! 

Simply stuff these little goodies in a loot bag or hand them out to make the occasion extra special. Let’s not forget that these are also well-sought after by guests! 

Do It Yourself Plant Kits
Do It Yourself Plant Kits 

For graduations, weddings, and debuts, there are no better tokens for guests than the ones that signify the start of a new chapter in life. For this reason, you should definitely consider choosing DIY plant kits for your party favor!

Paris Garden is a specialist in Urban Farming and offers all kinds of grow kits. There are fun choices of fresh flowers, vegetables, and even herbs. Want your guests to take home some trendy small indoor plants? Try the Windowsill Oval Duo Planter and place them at each person’s seat. It’s a herbaceous and useful party favor that doubles as a contemporary decor accent when placed in homes.

It doesn’t matter if your guests have green thumbs or not. These kits are incredibly easy to grow! Every kit includes starting soil, seeds, and ceramic pots. All they would need is water and sunlight to feel the fun of gardening. Your guests will be reminded of your memorable occasion when the plant starts growing. While other giveaways break, these will only grow beautifully. 

For children’s birthday parties, a fun-designed plant kit like the Pink Smiley, Ocean Animals, Adopt A Dog, and Smiley Face Grass Hair Kit would be a perfect choice! 

LED String Light
LED String Lights

LED string lights are unique win-win party favors for you and your guests. Why do we say so? Not only are these string lights aesthetic-looking tokens of appreciation, but adding a few pieces can be used to decorate guests’ tables in your reception as well!

The 19014 LED string light from Sparkle is perfect for illuminating tables and acting as eye-catching centerpieces with its warm white glow. If you are celebrating a wedding or a debut, consider using these lights to tie escort cards on the table or adorn the ceiling.

Mini Lamp
Mini Lamp

You might think that mini lamps are not much of a unique party favor, but the Design Nest Mini Heng Lamp takes innovation to a new level. 

As a Red Dot design winner, this mini lamp offers a new approach to lighting. Your guests can simply pull one of two magnetic spheres and wait for them to connect mid-air to turn on. 

Rest assured this party favor will have your guests illuminating any room with a soft warm glow with a sense of delight. The Mini Heng Lamp is perfect for a bedside light or a desk light. Its glow is warm enough for relaxation, but also bright enough for ready. Choose from colors dark gray and light gray. 

Patterned Tote Bags
Patterned Tote Bags

Stress-free and unique party favors are the best kind. So, patterned tote bags are one of the best choices. Try the Envirosax tote bags. Envirosax showcased these bags with quality and eco-friendly dyes. Plus, these are extremely durable having been load tested to hold more than 44lbs. 

These reusable bags are not only aesthetic looking but are also highly sustainable and useful! It’s a stylish party favor that sends off guests happily while caring for the earth at the same time. 

Choose from a wide array of designs like Palm Springs, if you are planning a pool or beach party. Or perhaps the Sweet Treats, for a fun dessert-like theme. 


There is no other party favor that is equal parts unique and practical than the Design Nest Powercube. Trust us when we say your guests will thank you for seeing these compact devices in their giveaway bags. Ditch the birthday party photo cards and opt for these functional tokens. 

The Powercube lets one charge five devices at the same time. It is somehow like an extension cord but avoids the problematic blocking of chargers due to its innovative cube design. To add to that, it comes with a docking system that enables you to mount the tool on or underneath any smooth surface. It features 4 power outlets, 2 USB ports, and a 1.5-meter cable. Powering devices has never been more convenient! 

Key Takeaway

This guide rounded up five unique party favor ideas in the Philippines. What better way to make your occasions extra special than giving guests these goodies? At Perfect Home, we’ve got all you need for the best party favors! Click here to browse all our products today! 


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