Work From Home Must-Have: The PowerCube In The Philippines

July 15, 2021

What makes a powercube in the Philippines a work from home must-have?

  1. Charges multiple gadgets at the same time 
  2. Saves space 
  3. Safe even for kids 
  4. Allows for convenient remote powering 

Working from home has become the new normal for most companies today. The work-from-home setting has been seen as beneficial for many workers because there is no need to spend money traveling to the office or take time to get ready for work. But there is still so much to miss about the traditional work setting — one being having enough outlets for all your gadget needs. This is where buying a powercube in the Philippines proves to be helpful! 

Makeshift home offices pose plenty of challenges for workers in terms of ergonomics and functionality. You might find yourself having limited plugs to accommodate all your gadgets. But don’t fret because the right modern home accessories for sale in the Philippines from Perfect Home can help you! Continue reading to learn about the benefits of having a powercube.  

Charges Multiple Gadgets At The Same Time 

Using electronic devices has become an essential part of our daily lives. It is especially important for working from home. Large amounts of data will inevitably need to be stored, stored, and accessed at any given time. You might need files on your laptop, communicate with co-workers or clients through your phone, or create reports on your tablet. Each of these devices must be charged. 

Frustrated with not having enough sockets at home to charge your gadgets into? With the PowerCube Original from Design Nest you’ll never have to experience that again. The PowerCube Original is the world’s first cube-shaped socket multiplier that allows power cords to combine into one compact solution. You will never run out of power sockets to use as it features 5 power outlets. Because it has a distinctive cube shape, it eliminates the common issue of bulky plug blockage. Whether you have a laptop, tablet, or phone — it’s the perfect choice for charging multiple devices at the same time. 

With a powercube in the Philippines, you can say goodbye to those days when you wasted time just because you can’t find plugs for your gadgets!   

Saves Space
Saves space 

You might have hesitations in purchasing a powercube thinking it functions just like extension cords. Don’t be mistaken as it goes beyond the typical multiple-charging function! Once you order the PowerCube Extended USB from Design Nest, you’re just about to discover just how convenient powering your devices wirelessly can be. 

As the Reddot Award 2014 winner, the PowerCube Extended USB is intelligently designed with a unique docking system. This means you can mount it on or underneath any smooth surface. While traditional extension cords are characterized by pesky tangled cords and wires, the powercube saves more space. It features 4 power outlets, 2 USB ports, and a 1.5-meter cable to tailor your own source of power. You can utilize the freed-up space for other important things and drastically enhance your work from home productivity

Safe Even For Kids

Working from home also means working around with family members. If you have kids in the family, you’d want to know that wires and tangled cords can also create a potentially hazardous situation. Kids can end up playing with the wires or trip on them. 

The good news is, powercubes in the Philippines are designed to be grounded and child-proof. Its compact cube design makes the cords less prone to entanglement. Furthermore, its grounded wiring prevents power surges that could overload devices and cause electrical shocks. If you want to charge up to 5 low-voltage devices with safety in mind, the PowerCube Extended From Design Nest is your best gadget accessory choice yet. 

Allows For Convenient Remote Powering
Allows for convenient remote powering 

With the PowerCube Remote Original from Design Nest in your hand, powering devices has never been more convenient. Using kinetic energy, this socket multiplying device pairs with a power remote to switch on/off your devices from a distance. 

The PowerCube works by letting you plug in all your devices without any bulky plug blockage. It comes with 4 power outlets, 1 switch, and a remote. In addition, you can take control of the plugs using a battery-free remote. The PowerRemote can also stick onto any smooth surface.

If you need to stop charging some of your gadgets, you can simply click the remote to do so. But if both your hands are occupied, you can easily use your foot to press the big step-on switch on the plug itself. Powering devices has never been more convenient!  

Key Takeaway

In this guide, we’ve rounded some of the reasons why buying a powercube in the Philippines is a work-from-home must-have! This highly innovative accessory is designed to offer you the utmost convenience and safety in charging and powering all your devices at the same time.  

As the leading supplier for modern home accessories for sale in the Philippines, Perfect Home made sure to carry the Design Nest brand and all their powercube products. If you want to purchase your own powercube, you can click here to get them from the Perfect Home online store today!  


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