8 Benefits Of Having A Robot Vacuum: A Modern Home Accessory

April 22, 2021

What are the benefits of having a robot vacuum?

  1. Works on any surface
  2. Saves time and effort
  3. Operates quietly and efficiently
  4. Fits in tight and hard to reach spaces
  5. Connects to your mobile app
  6. Self-charges when the battery is low
  7. Makes your home allergen-free
  8. Perfect for elderly and disabled individuals

Robot vacuums are one of the most unique modern home accessories for sale in the Philippines. Just like your traditional vacuum cleaners, they can get rid of dirt and debris in your home—but without requiring any manual operation. Because of that, it’s like having another person doing the cleaning for you! While these home appliances have been around for a long time, modern products have come a long way in terms of efficiency. If you want to know the robot vacuum benefits, keep on reading!

Works On Any Surface
Robot vacuum cleaning under the couch

Whether you have wooden, linoleum, or tile flooring, a robot vacuum will pick up all the debris it can find inside your home. To make your space even cleaner, the Design Nest Robovacuum Laser + Mop also has a self-contained water tank you can fill with any liquid, so it can clean your floor more efficiently! Aside from that, it can even dry the floor by itself.

But apart from hard surfaces, did you know that it can also clean the embedded dust in your carpets? This is because it automatically switches from mopping mode to vacuum mode when it detects carpets and rugs! This way, you won’t have to use your traditional vacuum cleaner which can eat up these soft materials instead of cleaning them.

Saves Time And Effort

Because of its dual features, the Design Nest Robovacuum Laser + Mop can save hours of your time. Because the robot vacuum can operate by itself, you can do the cleaning alongside your other chores!

Operates Quietly And Efficiently

Robot vacuum cleaning

Traditional vacuum cleaners tend to make a lot of noise. Fortunately, the Design Nest Robovacuum Laser + Mop is significantly quieter!

They’re also incredibly efficient because they can remember the layout of your home thanks to the intelligent 360-degree scanning laser. This way, they won’t bump into your precious furniture at all.

Fits In Tight And Hard To Reach Spaces

The Design Nest Robovacuum Laser + Mop is also designed to reach any tight spaces that you can easily miss when you use a traditional vacuum cleaner. Because of its portable and thin dimensions, it can go under beds and tables conveniently.

Apart from that, its mobile size also makes it easily storable and transportable too! Compared to bulky traditional vacuums and brooms, you can store it underneath furniture or inside cabinets without any hassle. Your home will look less cluttered!

Connects To Your Mobile App

Robovacuum app on mobile phone

If you want to restrict the access of your Design Nest Robovacuum Laser + Mop, you can easily do so through the mobile app. You can choose the places it can clean and adjust the timer according to your needs. For more advanced options, you can even tweak the speed of suction frequency.

For example, if you’re using your living space daily, you can schedule the cleaning time to start during the early morning. Because of this, you can wake up to a hygienic and fresher-looking space every time.

Self-Charges When The Battery Is Low

The smart capabilities of the Design Nest Robovacuum Laser + Mop don’t end there as it is also intelligent enough to find its way back to the docking station. As a bonus, it also doubles as its very own storage area. Unlike traditional wireless vacuums, you won’t have to remember when to charge it!

Because of this, you get the benefit of having a clean home any time! That’s why whenever your in-laws or relatives are coming, you will always have a spotless house appropriate for having guests.

Makes Your Home Allergen-Free

Robovacuum top view

Because the Design Nest Robovacuum Laser + Mop is efficient in cleaning any space, it is the perfect solution for people with asthma and allergic rhinitis! That’s because it will get rid of any particles of pet hair and dust from every nook and cranny inside your home. Even corners and rugs will be inspected and cleaned by this modern home accessory!

Because of this, homes with allergic family members have benefited from having the Design Nest Robovacuum Laser + Mop.

Perfect For Elderly And Disabled Individuals

With all these features, the robot vacuum is the perfect choice not just for busy moms and young professionals but also for the elderly! If you have a senior family member living by themselves, this modern home accessory can improve their quality of life. Lastly, because the Design Nest Robovacuum Laser + Mop doesn’t require any manual operation, handicapped individuals will find it beneficial too!

Key Takeaway

Cleaning your home—even if you live in a small apartment—can be laborious and time-consuming. That’s why most have to hire house-cleaners to do the job. Even if you do have some time to clean, you might not have the energy to clean every corner and hard-to-reach area inside your home.

For these reasons, you will enjoy having the Design Nest Robovacuum Laser + Mop! With this modern home accessory from Perfect Home Philippines, you can experience the robot vacuum benefits that can greatly increase your quality of life. Shop now to have it delivered to your home!


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