7 Best Selling Suction Cup Products In The Philippines

July 28, 2021

What are the best-selling suction cup products in the Philippines?

  1. D12 Deluxe Towel Holder
  2. S8 Clothes Chain
  3. E2 Corner Rack
  4. D8 Tissue Box
  5. H6 Bicycle Holder
  6. E15 Knife Holder
  7. D5 Storage Basket

Don’t you hate it when you have to drill holes on your walls just to hang storage solutions? Do you wish you could put hooks on your glass fixtures without any clutter? FECA’s suction cup products in the Philippines are the answer to your home storage and organization problem!

As the leading supplier of modern accessories for sale in the Philippines, Perfect Home Living Living Ventures Co., partnered with Taiwan-based bathroom accessories brand FECA to make your organizing task hassle-free. Using a patented and powerful suction cup technology, you will no longer need to use hammers, nails, or drill holes just to install your storage solutions. Every FECA product is designed to resist slippage, rust, heat, and water. Easily reclaim counter and floor space by hanging things on any non-porous surface.

Whether you need to hold up soaps, toothbrushes, kitchen utensils, towels, clothes, bicycles, toilet cleaners, tissues, hairdryer, makeup, personal care products, shower head, books, bathroom accessories, or even a mobile phone — there are FECA suction cup products in the Philippines for all your organizing needs. Here are the must-have suction cup products from FECA you need to score today!

D12 Deluxe Towel Holder

After taking a refreshing bath, you will need to hang your used towel to let it dry. The D12 Deluxe Towel Holder is a must-have suction cup product from FECA as it has an elegant polished stainless steel look. Simply attach the suction cup to a bathroom surface and hang up multiple towels. Trust us, your family will love this towel holder because it makes bathrooms exude a 5-star hotel vibe!

S8 Clothes Chain
S8 Clothes Chain: Suction Cup Products in the Philippines

Admit it. It is challenging to find a flexible drying rack. The ones you see in traditional brick-and-mortar shops are often unadjustable and standing stationary. Not to mention, they are often heavy to carry as well. Eliminate the hassle of drying your clothes with the FECA S8 Clothes Chain.

Made with a flexible ABS chain, it offers an innovative approach to drying clothes. You can easily change its angles according to your needs. For example, you can attach the first removable suction cup from a glass window to a wall.

This clothes chain can carry up to 20kg and is 100% resistant to slippage, heat, water, and rust. Take note that FECA suction cup products in the Philippines can be mounted on non-porous surfaces such as glass, mirrors, metal, polished tile, ceramic, acrylic, marble, and plastic.

E2 Corner Rack

Need a storage solution for your shower area? The E2 Corner Rack is the answer to your problem. Install this corner rack, and you will instantly have a place to place your shampoos, conditioners, and other hygiene products. Now, you can say goodbye to placing your bath essentials on the floor, which can be a slipping hazard while showering.

The E2 Corner Rack has an 8kg load capacity and is also multi-purpose. It can be an additional storage space for kitchen items like sponges, dishwashing soaps, or even seasoning bottles.

D8 Tissue Box
D8 Tissue Box: Suction Cup Products in the Philippines

Are you tired of having your tissue wet from sink splashes? With the D8 Tissue Box, you can keep your sink area clean and fresh. This tissue box features an elegant chevron-pattern finish and a crisp white color to give your bathroom or kitchen an added touch of style.

Through FECA’s powerful suction cup technology, the D8 Tissue Box can carry up to 0.5kg. You also don’t need to drill holes to install it. If you want to move the tissue box, simply remove the suction and reinstall it.

H6 Bicycle Holder

Are you struggling to find a space in your home for your bike? Biking fans will love the FECA H6 Bicycle Holder! Its durable ABS Plastic Suction Cup can carry up to 20kgs. It also comes in a red and black color to complement your bike’s sporty look.

E15 Knife Holder
E15 Knife Holder: Suction Cup Products in the Philippines

The E15 Knife Holder proves that knife holders don’t have to be bulky and take up so much counter space. Hang up your knives high on any non-porous wall and have peace of mind that your children are free from safety hazards. Its added drip catcher at the bottom makes it the ideal kitchen storage organizer for pot lids as well.

Powered by the same FECA suction cup technology, the E15 Knife Holder can carry up to 12kg of load. Made with a stainless steel rack, it is heat, water, and rust-resistant.

D5 Storage Basket

The D5 Storage Basket is a versatile storage solution that can be used for toothbrushes, cleaning products, personal hygiene products, makeup, medicine bottles, office items, and just about anything you need space for.

The FECA D5 Storage Basket can carry up to 10kg and can be attached to any non-porous surface. If you want to move it to another area, simply reattach the suction cups!

Key Takeaway

These are just some of the best-selling suction cup products in the Philippines from FECA! As the leading supplier of modern accessories for sale in the Philippines,

Perfect Home partnered with FECA to bring smart storage and organizing solutions to your home. Click here to start shopping for suction cup products from FECA today!


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