7 Stylish Swimming Goggles For Kids In The Philippines

July 14, 2021

What are the best swimming goggles for kids in the Philippines?

  1. Glam Lash
  2. Mermaid Shade
  3. Rock Star Mask
  4. Take A Dip-N-Dots
  5. Shark Attack Mask
  6. Charlie Calamari
  7. Terrain Vehicle

Whether it’s summer or not, teaching kids how to swim is beneficial for them. It can keep their heart and lungs healthy while improving their stamina and flexibility. But aside from that, it can boost their self-confidence and give them the opportunity to try other water activities such as kayaking, surfing, and more. To make swimming enjoyable and fun for them, you can give them the best swimming goggles for kids in the Philippines

Bling2O is a brand of swimwear available at the Perfect Home online store. They provide fashionable and trendy goggles and snorkels that will make it easier for kids to adjust in the water. Their products have UV protection to protect the eyes from the sun’s rays and anti-fog properties to maximize visibility in the water. Here are some of the designs available for you to choose from!

Glam Lash

Glam Lash is one of the swimming goggles that are perfect for children who like make-up! The edges of the lens have a long lash that won’t hinder vision when swimming. 

Available in ‘Beauty-parlor pink’ and ‘Make-up artist purple’, this will make any kid feel fabulous while posing for pictures by the side of the pool. You can also pair it with a stylish swimsuit so your kid will feel like a model.

Mermaid Shade
Mermaid Shade

Do you have a kid or sibling that has perfected the art of swimming? Then perhaps, you might want to gift them with the Mermaid Shade goggles for their birthday. Mermaids are mythical creatures known for their excellent aquatic abilities. The pink heart-shaped frame and strap have the scale detail to make any kid feel like a half-human, half-fish whenever they’re having fun at the pool. 

To complete the look, you can also add the Arietail Snorkel for diving. It features a mermaid tail at the end, which is a cute detail.

Rock Star Mask

Other than swimming goggles, Bling2o also offers gear with a mask design. The Rock Star Mask is comfortable to wear, so it is perfect for leisurely swimming or diving at the pool. But other than that, this mask also provides maximum visibility because of the large lens! 

Any kid who will see the Rock Star Mask will think that the design rocks. The edges of the goggles have glimmering rhinestones while the lens has a star shape printed on them. Combined with the striking colors, this will make anyone stand out from the rest.

Take A Dip-N-Dots
Take A Dip-N-Dots

When you think of summer, some of the things that probably come to your mind are swimming and ice cream! Other than soft-serve and popsicle versions, many people like the popular brand of ice cream that comes in small ball shapes and served in a cup. If you’re one of them, then you can take a look at the Take A Dip-N-Dots swimming goggles from Bling2o!

The swimming goggles come in a fun mix of colors from yellow, orange, pink, green, and white. The edges of the lens are designed with faux sprinkles to remind the wearer of the sweet and cold balls of ice cream popular during summer!

Shark Attack Mask

Is someone you know a fan of sharks? These sea creatures might look scary in movies but they’re also great swimmers and an important part of the marine ecosystem. This Shark Attack Mask from Bling2o has intricate details that will make any kid thrilled with the design. The edges of the mask have silicone teeth spikes while the lens also has a similar print. 

When worn with the Shark Bite Snorkel, the wearer will surely feel like a shark swimming in the waters because of the Sharkfin topper.

Charlie Calamari
Charlie Calamari

One of the strongest and fastest swimmers in the ocean is the squids! They might be featured in dishes often but their aquatic abilities are powerful and efficient. They flap their fins and use jet propulsion to swim underwater

You can tell how squids swim to a niece or a nephew while giving them the Charlie Calamari swimming goggles. This is available in ‘Fradiavolo Purple’ and ‘Green Squid’. The edges of the lens are designed with sucker pads that are similar to the ones found on the tentacles of a squid. 

Terrain Vehicle

Is someone a fan of soldier toys? If that’s the case, the Terrain Vehicle swimming goggles are the perfect choice for them! It features a tire-detailed frame with camouflage patterns on the gasket. 

This swimming gear will remind any kid of a military vehicle that needs to travel through a hidden path to their destination. It is available in 3 colors—Scout White, General Green, and Uniform Bue!

Key Takeaway

Are you looking for swimming goggles for kids in the Philippines? If that’s the case, you can’t go wrong with Bling2o’s stylish and functional swimming gear. These offer UV protection and anti-fog properties to make swimming comfortable even during sunny days. Each one already has a hard protective case to protect the goggles from damage. 

If you’re interested in these products, you can check out the Perfect Home online store for other designs!


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