6 Time Saving Cooking Tips

February 2, 2021

What are some tips to save time while cooking?

  1. Have a meal plan
  2. Organize your kitchen items 
  3. Consider using quick-cooking ingredients
  4. Practice “Mise en Place”
  5. Make one-pot meals
  6. Invest in time-saving kitchen appliances

Between working from home and having second doubts about going to your favorite restaurants because of the COVID-19 threat, you might have been spending more time cooking. The good news is homemade meals are much healthier and can be a whole lot easier to prepare with the help of time saving cooking tips.

From looking for the perfect recipe, buying the ingredients at your grocery store, to cooking the food, it can take several hours. At Perfect Home, we understand that after a long day at work, you want to spend more time resting. Here is a guide on six time-saving cooking tips to help you work efficiently while whipping up those delicious recipes. 

Who knows? Investing in a multi cooker in the Philippines just might be the solution to save time in the kitchen. 

Have A Meal Plan 

Whether you’re a beginner at cooking, looking for new dishes to prepare, or just cooking another meal for your family, it would be best to plan for the food you will cook in advance. By doing so, you will have more time to spare for important tasks at home.

Stop the habit of deciding what to cook at the last minute. Get rid of the daily question “What should I cook?”. Check what is inside the refrigerator and pantry. Then, try to have a meal plan ready before the week ahead. 

Organize Your Kitchen Items

It might be a hassle to save time when every kitchen tool and ingredient is cluttered on your kitchen counters. You can even end up searching every drawer for hours just to find the essentials you need to use. 

Remember that every second makes a difference in saving time. For this reason, you must declutter and organize your kitchen items. Invest in smart storage solutions. For example, take the FECA N17 Noble 7 Hooks to hang kitchen tools such as ladles, tongs, measuring spoons, and many more.  

In regards to food storage, you can purchase containers in varying sizes and label what each one holds. Perhaps you can label your herbs and spices properly using the FECA SJ1 SPICE JAR 2PC SET

Doing all these means you get to keep frequently used ingredients and tools within easy reach. 

Consider Using Quick-Cooking Ingredients

Let’s admit it. Not everyone has the natural talent to cook delicious food in a hurry all the time. If you are one of those people, it will be better to choose recipes that make use of quick-cooking ingredients. It will help you save more time as well.

There are proteins that cook faster than others like tuna, chicken breasts, shrimps, and pork loins. Plus, there are vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers, that do not need to be cooked at all. 

Practice “Mise en Place”
Man chopping ingredients

The French culinary phrase “mise en place” means putting everything in place. It’s a highly effective cooking technique used by professional chefs to save time. 

Before you start cooking, take the ingredients out of the refrigerator, and prepare them. Wash, peel, cut, dice, chop, and measure each one. Afterward, place them into separate bowls. Set all these around your cooking station for easy grabbing. 

If you want to save more time and not chop every ingredient, there are grocery stores and local markets that offer pre-chopped, frozen vegetables and meat. 

Practice “mise en place” and you’ll find yourself cooking meals in a jiffy. 

Make One-Pot Meals

You might not want to end up with a kitchen cluttered with used bowls and dirty pans. That’s where one-pot meals come into the picture.

Cook the whole dish in one multi-cooker like the Tatung TAC-6GS. With it, dishes like hot fluffy rice, veggies, seafood, mac and cheese, creamy pasta, teriyaki chicken, and a variety of other mouth-watering dishes, are cooked through an indirect heating technology. The dishes come out tastier and are cooked evenly. The best part about it? You only use one-pot, which means saving time because everything will be cleaned quickly.  

Invest in Time-Saving Kitchen Appliances
Tatung multi cooker TAC-03DS

One can argue that one of the most effective ways to cut down the time spent cooking is by investing in efficient kitchen appliances

Once you have the right tools by your side, the overall cooking experience is sped up. Likewise, not having them will mean using manual and ancient cooking techniques that are time-consuming even with the simplest recipes. 

Thankfully, our tie-up brand, Tatung, is here to offer you time-saving kitchen appliances like the TAC-03DS or TAC-06KN

Key Takeaway

Whether you’re an expert cook or you’re just looking to spend less time in the kitchen every day, these time-saving cooking tips will help ease your experience.

With the help of the right appliances and efficient meal preparation techniques, you’ll enjoy cooking meals for your loved ones more. Click here to check out more Tatung products today!


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