7 Tips For Organizing A Kid’s Bathroom

May 4, 2022

What are the tips for organizing a kid’s bathroom?

  1. Make sure everything is easily accessible
  2. Allocate their own area in the bathroom
  3. Keep the area free of clutter
  4. Have baskets and bins for dirty clothes
  5. Have an area dedicated to toys
  6. Add hints of fun and color
  7. Teach them early about organizing 

A kid’s bathroom can get messy easily, especially if you have kids that like to play outside! The bathroom is one of the rooms in your home where you spend a lot of time with your kids — whether it’s brushing their teeth or bathing them. As they grow up, they’ll need to be able to look after themselves, so it’s beneficial to start early and get on to organizing. Here are some tips for organizing a kid’s bathroom. Keep on reading!    

Make Sure Everything Easily Accessible

Make Sure Everything Easily Accessible

When organizing a kid’s bathroom, make sure that everything is easily accessible. Whether you’re helping them bathe or teaching them how to shower on their own — it’s useful to have daily essentials placed close. Make sure to take their current and future height into consideration. 

This is where FECA’s suction cup storage solutions are useful. Since the organizers and containers can be attached to nonporous surfaces using a suction cup, you can easily move them whenever you need. There’s no drilling or adhesives required! For instance, if they can’t reach the wall mirror yet, consider installing the FECA compact mirror so they can see what they’re doing — whether it’s brushing or washing their face!

Allocate Their Own Area In The Bathroom

Most kids like it when you give them something that is made only just for them. If your family shares a bathroom, then it’s beneficial if you help them set up their own storage area. This will teach them to be responsible for their own stuff, which will be useful as they’re growing up!

There are many ways you can allocate your kid’s own area in the bathroom. You can give them their own shelf, basket, or even drawer space. It’s a useful way of segregating your whole family’s bathroom essentials, too! For instance, they can have their own hook to hang their towel in. Teach them to keep their designated area clean and to always put back the things they used in the same place.

Keep The Area Free Of Clutter

Before you organize your kid’s bathroom, make time to declutter. Get rid of emptied bottles, trash, and other unnecessary objects inside the bathroom. Then get on to organizing.

If you really want to reduce the clutter in your kid’s bathroom, it’s best to not have so many things in the first place. Just keep the essentials inside the bathroom. The less stuff you have, the less amount of time you will need to spend on organizing and cleaning. Anything that isn’t needed daily can be stored somewhere else. 

Have Baskets Or Bins For Dirty Clothes

Kids like to play, so it’s only normal for them to go through a number of dirty clothes per day. That’s why it’s a smart move to have a dedicated hamper where they can shoot their dirty clothes into and prevent having soiled clothes all around the bathroom and bedroom!

Have An Area Dedicated To Toys

Have An Area Dedicated To Toys

Speaking of playing, some kids like to play while in the bathroom. You can find a variety of educational bath toys that can make bathing fun for them. To reduce clutter, make sure to set an area dedicated to these toys. The FECA D5 Storage Basket is big enough for rubber duckies and the like!

Add Hints Of Fun And Color

Add Hints Of Fun And Color

Most kids love color. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to incorporate things that can make bathing fun for them. For instance, what to make pooping fun? Instead of a dull and boring plunger, buy them the Squatty Potty Poop Plunger for their bathroom! It’s made of 100% rubber and only weighs a little over a pound. It’s cute but functional too.

Another decor you can use is the Paris Garden Emoji Grass Hair Kit. It’s a great way to teach them how to grow plants too. Each kit includes a brightly-glazed ceramic plate, seeds, and starting soil. Your kids can trim and fashion the grass hair after they grow!

Teach Them Early About Organizing 

The last tip is to teach your kids early on how to keep their bathroom area clean and organized. Start small. You can allocate them a very small area first, then slowly expand the area that they’re responsible for. This will be beneficial for everyone — for them because they will learn something useful as they grow up, and for you, because you’ll have to do less cleaning!

Key Takeaway

Follow these tips for organizing a kid’s bathroom, so you can achieve a clean and clutter-free area for your child. This will help them learn the value of cleanliness and teach them how to look after the things they use on a daily basis. Start them young!

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