5 Tips To Improve Lighting In Your Home

June 3, 2022

What are the tips to improve lighting in your home?

  1. Play with different color temperatures
  2. Consider layering lighting in a room
  3. Add lamps for a more relaxed ambiance
  4. Add pops of illumination throughout the house
  5. Turn on lights anytime with remotes

Proper lighting is an important aspect of interior design because it has two functions. The first is to make it easier to navigate around your home and do your tasks. The second is to make your home environment look more bright and inviting. But not all homeowners are well-versed when it comes to lighting design. You don’t have to be an expert because here are some tips to improve lighting in your home. Keep on reading!

Play With Different Color Temperatures

Consider Layering Lighting In A Room

Lighting is available in different color temperatures. There are warm lights with shades such as red, orange, yellow, or warm white. On the other hand, cold light ranges from white to bluish. 

Warm white light is often used for interior lighting for homes, while cold white light is used to light up big open spaces. You use warm light lamps in areas that you want to relax in, such as your bedroom or living room. Choosing lights that are too strong could defeat this purpose. On the other hand, spaces that are devoted to activities, such as the kitchen, require cold light because it promotes good visibility and concentration. 

You can also utilize both color temperatures in a single room. For example, cold lighting can be used in the working area in the kitchen, and warm lighting in the dining area to create the mood for socializing over food.

Consider Layering Lighting In A Room

Consider Layering Lighting In A Room

Every space should have at least three sources of light for a more balanced effect. This includes ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting:

  • Ambient Lighting provides a room with an overall glow.
  • Accent Lighting adds visual interest and highlights focal points in a room.
  • Task Lighting is a focused light that spotlights an area that is used for a certain task.

These three types of lighting can overlap, so it’s not necessary to have three separate lightings when it’s not needed. For small spaces, you can choose smaller light fixtures instead. For instance, the Mini Heng Lamp from Design Nest can add ambient lighting while also adding visual interest to a room. It’s small enough for smaller spaces, too. 

Add Lamps For A More Relaxed Ambiance

For TV-focused areas in your home, such as the living room, you don’t need much overhead light because you don’t want to have glare on screens. Instead, it’s more beneficial to create a relaxed ambiance by adding ambient lighting, such as lamps. These will effectively brighten and add glow to a room without producing harsh light. In addition to that, ambient light can also make a room feel warmer and more welcoming! 

When choosing bulbs for ambient lighting, choose warmer ones as they add glow to a room. If you’re looking for lamp recommendations, you can take a look at the Design Nest Heng Lamp. This award-winning lamp is unique because it has magnetic spheres that connect and remain suspended in midair. The soft, warm glow the lighting gives is perfect if you’re looking for that relaxed ambiance.

Add Pops Of Illumination Throughout The House

Add Pops Of Illumination Throughout The House

Personalize your home by using unique sources of light throughout your home. Aside from conventional fixtures and lamps, you could also consider hanging string lights here and there. Sparkle has a few variations when it comes to this type of lighting.

You can hang string lights on the wall to highlight your family photos or favorite artwork. Or maybe you can hang the lights around the doorway or a window for that magical vibe. Some people even hang them by the bed or across the ceiling to add glow too. By having pops of illumination throughout the house, you can add a personal touch to your home. 

Turn On Lights Anytime With Remotes

urn On Lights Anytime With Remotes

Maybe you want to turn on the lamp in the living room when you’re already comfortably sitting on the sofa and watching your favorite movie. With some kind of remote switch, you can do so without having to stand up. 

You can do this by plugging in your lighting to the Powercube Remote Original from Design Nest! The remote can be used to control the PowerCube from a distance, so you can switch the lighting on and off without having to get up. This device can be used in a variety of ways, not just for your lighting!

Key Takeaway

Follow these tips to improve lighting in your home! Lighting can be used to help you do your tasks in your home and also add a bit of warmth and relaxation to a space. By having different types of lighting, you can create a more balanced effect. Don’t forget to try out the power outlet with a remote to make it easier for you to switch lighting on or off!

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