6 Best Toilet Paper Holders In The Philippines

May 27, 2022

What are the best toilet paper holders in the Philippines?

  1. FECA E5 Toilet Paper Holder
  2. FECA E10 Toilet Paper Holder
  3. FECA E21 Toilet Paper Holder
  4. FECA E30 Toilet Paper Holder
  5. FECA D41 Tissue Box
  6. FECA D8 Tissue Box

You don’t want to put your tissue roll just anywhere in your bathroom because if you’re not careful, it could easily get wet and dirty. That’s why a toilet paper holder is one of the most important bathroom accessories that you should have. It can keep your tissue roll away from dirt and moisture while being easily accessible when needed. But you don’t have to forego style for function, because you can have both with the best toilet paper holders in the Philippines. 

Toilet paper holders and tissue boxes by FECA are preferred by many homeowners and renters because of how easy they are to install. While other toilet holders will require drilling or adhesives, FECA’s products are installed on the wall via suction cups! This means that you can do the installation yourself. If you get the placement wrong, you can easily remove and reinstall the holder. 

If you’re interested in FECA’s toilet paper holders, keep on reading!

FECA E5 Toilet Paper Holder

FECA E5 Toilet Paper Holder

Many people are a fan of all-white bathrooms because they look classy and hygienic, as long as you keep them clean and organized. That’s why if you’re looking for something that will fit with your bathroom decor, you should consider the FECA E5 Toilet Paper Holder.

This toilet paper holder in the Philippines is made of a sturdy all-white material that doesn’t require drilling or adhesives. It will match your elegant bathroom aesthetics perfectly! Because the toilet paper holder has a slanted part at the side, it will keep your toilet roll in place too. 

FECA E10 Toilet Paper Holder

FECA E10 Toilet Paper Holder

The number one issue of having tissues in the bathroom is moisture. Since this area is primarily wet, there are high chances of getting tissue rolls damp. If you’re looking for something that can protect your toilet paper rolls from moisture and dust, then consider the FECA E10 Toilet Paper Holder! It comes with a functional cover to hide the toilet roll from view. Aside from that, the design of this bathroom accessory in the Philippines is elegant and sophisticated, with its curves and clean design. It’s available in chrome and white!

FECA E21 Toilet Paper Holder

FECA E21 Toilet Paper Holder

Trying to recreate a 5-star hotel bathroom vibe in your own home? Then you can’t miss out on ordering the FECA E21 Toilet Paper Holder. It’s made of stainless steel and the sleek and minimalist design can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. This toiler paper holder in the Philippines also conveniently fits two toilet paper rolls, which is beneficial if you go through rolls of paper very quickly. All you have to do is slide in the tissue roll and you’re done! Pair it with other stainless steel bathroom accessories, so you can achieve that premium hotel bathroom vibe.

FECA E30 Toilet Paper Holder

For some of you, using your smartphone while in the bathroom is a normal thing to do. But you wouldn’t want to place your precious gadget just anywhere, as it could get wet and get damaged! That’s why you should consider investing in a two-in-one toilet paper holder for your bathroom. The FECA E30 Toilet Paper Holder can hold your tissue roll, while the cover on top can serve as a platform for your phone or even accessories!

FECA D41 Tissue Box

FECA D41 Tissue Box

The FECA D41 Tissue Box is the toilet paper holder for people who prefer to purchase boxes of tissue in the supermarket! It can protect your tissues from water splashes and dust. 

The tissue box is made of ABS plastic and can carry up to 6 kilograms, so you can use it for other purposes too — such as keeping some small make-up products or toiletries in! When it comes to aesthetics, the tissue box won’t disappoint you because of its subtle curves and clean white look!

FECA D8 Tissue Box

FECA D8 Tissue Box

Speaking of tissue boxes, another great option is the FECA D8 Tissue Box! It’s made of a white chevron-patterned design that can help instantly improve the aesthetics of your bathroom! It’s a perfect choice if you don’t like the prints and patterns that your tissue boxes come in. You can put it near the toilet area or the sink!

Key Takeaway

If you’re looking for the best toilet paper holders in the Philippines, you can find them here at Perfect Home! FECA’s suction cup products are easy to install and reusable, so you can take them with you when you’re moving to a new place. Their products are perfect for people who like to redecorate frequently or are renting. 

If you’re interested, FECA also offers other accessories that are perfect for your bathroom. From shelving, baskets, holders, hooks, and racks — there are plenty of options for you to choose from. 


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