6 Work From Home Accessories In The Philippines

June 17, 2021

What are the best work from home accessories in the Philippines?

  1. Design Nest Moft Laptop Stand
  2. Design Nest HDMI Cable
  3. Design Nest Heng Lamp
  4. Design Nest Audiocube
  5. Wacaco Nanopresso
  6. Design Nest RoboVacuum+Mop

Working from home can be beneficial because you don’t have to commute to the office or spend your time picking the right work outfit. Instead, you can wake up a few minutes before your shift so you can sleep longer in bed. But there is so much stuff you will miss from your office. From coffee machines to an IT person that can help set up your computer—you will appreciate these perks now more than ever. But fret not because the right work from home accessories in the Philippines can help you! Read on.

Design Nest Moft Laptop Stand

If you’re working at home for a while, you probably have a WFH setup going on already. Having an organized and uncluttered desk will significantly improve your productivity! That’s why it is important to choose what you add to your office table. If it looks too messy, you’re going to be distracted.

The Moft Laptop Stand is made with the “invisible design”. Because it is only 0.1 inches thin, it will seamlessly integrate underneath your laptop so your office desk will look much cleaner and organized. The color choices are also attractive to look at if you’re into minimalist designs.

Design Nest HDMI Cable
Design Nest HDMI Cable

If you’re working at home, you’re probably thinking of purchasing or requesting a bigger monitor so you can open multiple applications side-by-side. This is useful if you’re multitasking or looking for reference materials when you’re writing a report! If a laptop is too small for you, a monitor can help you be more productive.

But if you have multiple accessories on your work desk, your setup will be too unorganized. That’s why if bulky wires distract you, you can opt for the Design Nest HDMI Cable when connecting your laptop to your monitor. Because it has a flat design, you can attach it to your walls or underneath your desk. But if not, the gold and gray designs are also aesthetically pleasing!

Design Nest Heng Lamp

Remote work has made interaction with other people much more convenient. For one, you don’t have to travel to your client’s location if you’re discussing a proposition. Other than that, you can also conduct meetings anywhere you are. But even with all these perks, communicating online can be difficult. You have to use the right webcam and audio accessories. Lighting is also an important issue!

For this reason, most remote workers purchase a ring light. But this is too bulky and will look out of place in a home office. Instead, you can opt for the Design Nest Heng Lamp! It provides a soft glow to your face every time when you’re in a meeting. When not in use, it serves as an eye-catching decoration because of the floating magnets. If you have a smaller desk, you can also purchase the mini version

Design Nest Power Cube
Design Nest Power Cube

From your laptop, cell phone chargers, monitors, electric fans, and more—you need an outlet that can handle all your needs! Fortunately, Design Nest offers a variety of Powercubes for every situation. For example, you can use the Powercube Extended USB if you need to charge your smartphones in addition to your computer. It can also be mounted under your desk to keep your space clutter-free!

But if you prefer to power your devices instantly without having to plug each one, you can also opt for the Powercube Remote Original. It includes a battery-free remote to turn on or shut down power! 

Wacaco Nanopresso

If you’re missing your coffee maker at the office, you might be thinking of purchasing one for your home. But aside from being bulky, most of these will take too much kitchen counter space! If you want to keep it simple, you can opt for the Wacaco Nanopresso. It only weighs 336 grams and is slightly bigger than your coffee mug. Because of the small size, it can help you make an espresso wherever you are for your remote work.

A Nanopresso includes a filter basket, scoop, brush, and a built-in espresso cup. All you need is your favorite brand of coffee and hot water and you’re set! Other than your ground coffee beans, you can also use the NS Adapter accessory if you’re craving some Nespresso Capsules. 

Design Nest Robot Vacuum + Mop

Working at home can be stressful especially if you notice that your surroundings are dirty. Instead of completing a work project, you’re tempted to vacuum the floor and mop it afterward! Luckily, you can leave this chore to the Design Nest Robot Vacuum + Mop. It can clean carpets, rugs, hardwood floors, tiles, and even laminated materials! This way, you can focus on your work.

The Robot Vacuum + Mop includes a 360-degree laser map scanning technology to map out your home. You can use the smartphone application to choose the area to be vacuumed, set the cleaning time, and adjust the suction frequency. 

Key Takeaway

while allowing you to manage your household chores while you’re working. If you’re interested in these products, you can purchase them at the Perfect Home online store today!


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