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June 25, 2022

How To Reduce Home Office Clutter

How do you reduce home office clutter? Declutter little by little Sort your belongings into categories Try to keep everything digital Prioritize the essentials Keep most used items in one place Make the most out ... [Read More]

June 24, 2022

7 Home Essentials For People Who Live Alone

What are the home essentials for people who live alone? Design Nest Robot Vacuum + Mop FECA Suction Cup Organizers Design Nest USB 3-in-1 Cable Design Nest Audio Cube Zero Design Nest Heng Lamp Wacaco ... [Read More]

June 16, 2022

How To Keep Your Bathroom Clean

How do you keep your bathroom clean? Wipe surfaces a few times a week Don’t forget to clean the toilet Descale shower heads monthly Have your cabinets organized Control clutter Just a few days of ... [Read More]

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10 Best Stainless Steel Bathroom Fixtures In The Philippines

What are the best stainless steel bathroom fixtures in the Philippines? FECA E21 Toilet Paper Holder FECA S12 Multipurpose Hook FECA E8 Extendable Mirror FECA N12 Deluxe Towel Holder FECA E11 Multipurpose Rack FECA N17 ... [Read More]

May 19, 2022

7 Tips For Organizing A Kid’s Bathroom

What are the tips for organizing a kid’s bathroom? Make sure everything is easily accessible Allocate their own area in the bathroom Keep the area free of clutter Have baskets and bins for dirty clothes ... [Read More]

May 4, 2022

6 Must-Have Fresh Herbs For Home Cooks

What are the must-have fresh herbs for home cooks? Basil Mint Chives Coriander Parsley Thyme Being able to grow herbs in your own home is great, especially if you like to cook. Fresh herbs have ... [Read More]

May 4, 2022

5 Benefits Of Using Coffee Capsules

What are the benefits of using coffee capsules? Convenient and mess-free Requires minimal equipment Can be used to make coffee on the go Comes in different variants and flavors Have a longer shelf life A ... [Read More]

May 4, 2022