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Yes, all Boogie Board products come with 2-year warranty for factory defects. Please make sure to keep your receipt for validation.

PowerCubes have a maximum power capacity of 2,500 W.

In theory, Powercubes can be extended infinitely, so long as the devices you connect do not draw more than a total of 2,500 W. However, we do recommend attaching no more than two PowerCubes to one mounted PowerCube.

Yes, PowerCubes are safe to use. Each PowerCube comes with a built-in surge protector and has a child-safety lock design for its sockets.

The PowerCube automatically shuts off when a surge occurs to prevent damage to your plugged in gadgets. When this happens, simply reset the PowerCube by unplugging it from the outlet, removing plugged in gadgets, then plugging it back into the outlet.
If it still does not work, please get in touch with our support team through our Contact Us page.

No, it is not broken. The child lock/shutters need to slide open first. If you find it difficult to plug in, try ‘wiggling’ the plug left and right, it will push the shutters sideway and open up.

The MOFT Laptop Stand can only be used on laptops with no air vents underneath and best fits those that are sized from 11.6 to 15.6 inches.

Yes, MOFT products attach via removable glue, so there is no problem using it on a plastic case.