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Frequently Asked Questions

FECA only works on non-porous surfaces such as glass, laminated wood, metal, and plastic. It cannot be used on painted walls and other porous surfaces. Please see list below for reference:

Feca Product List

FECA products should be removed and maintained once a month to ensure maximum suction cup power. The rubber pad can easily be cleaned using adhesive tape or water. 

When not in use, please make sure to release the lock to keep the rubber pad flat to avoid any possible damage.

Before installing FECA products, make sure to first clean the contact surface and rubber pad. Once ready, firmly press the suction cup of the FECA product to the contact surface and hold for 2-3 seconds to remove any air underneath and create a good vacuum seal. Push down the lock while pressing on the suction cup to secure it in place.

Release the lock of your FECA product to begin uninstalling it from the contact surface. Then, carefully remove the suction cup by inserting a finger underneath the rubber pad to break the vacuum seal and let air in. 

To ensure that your FECA products remain in good condition, please keep the lock released to avoid any damage to the rubber pad.

No, FECA products do not come with warranty.  If you have any issues or concerns with your purchased item/s, please get in touch with our support team through our Contact Us page.