Modern Home Accessories For Sale in the Philippines With Perfect Home

Whether you live in a loft-type condominium or a simple 2-story residential property, one’s thing’s for sure: you can easily transform your home with the help of accessories. If you want to revamp your home décor, invest in these modern home accessories for sale in the Philippines! 

As the saying goes, home is where the heart belongs. It is the place you can completely be yourself. Here, you find joy and comfort. And what better way to enjoy staying at home than having an aesthetically modern looking one?   

Contemporary home living is rising in popularity and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. Subtle touches of neutral colors and open spaces that are well-lit, this is what characterizes the modern home environment. Embracing minimalism at its core, its aesthetics exude a charming beauty of its own. 

No matter what the size of your home is, you can easily beautify it through home accessories. At Perfect Home, we are dedicated to providing functional and stylish household décor goods for you. Let our team help you in improving your standard of living today! 


Make Your Home Décor Look Aesthetic With Our Brands

Exterior of home with swimming pool

Did you know that the way you design your abode is a representation of yourself? It is also a way to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Beautiful living spaces can inspire people. 

At Perfect Home, we offer a wide variety of home décors. Let our goods reflect your personality. We provide modern home accessories for sale in the Philippines and make it possible by tying up with several international brands such as Twinkly and Paris Garden.


Design Your Modern Home With Twinkly Lights 

Twinkly Lights

There’s no doubt that lights are an integral factor in modern homes. Choose the perfect lights for every room and you’ll find that the whole place creates a welcoming ambiance. 

Different patterns and materials can also exude different feelings towards them. And while there are several types of lighting styles, Twinkly offers an all-new lighting décor experience for you. 

Introducing a new generation of Smart LED string lights. If you didn’t already know, these sparkly lights are not only exclusive for Christmas decorations. You can also place them inside your house at any time of the year and let them work wonders for your modern home’s ambiance. 

While the first-generation of smart light strings were already popular, the Twinkly team worked and continued to push innovation. With a new dual-core processor, the lights offer four times the predecessor’s performance. Three different editions of LED bulbs with various color options are now available. 

The most impressive part about Twinkly lights? You can simply connect it to your smartphone to sync and create various lighting effects.  


RGB LED By Twinkly Lights 

The RGB LEDs are highlighted with a special finish. Characterized by a thin and diffused flat Twinkly lens, every bulb is uniform and super bright. You can integrate all the colors of the rainbow when you use these to design your space. 

Need style advice? Try using these colorful RGB LED string lights to liven up your bedroom. Skip the headroom designs and place string lights instead. It won’t only be beautiful to look at, it’s functional enough as well. 


AWW LED By Twinkly Lights 

We have innovated our string lights to match our client’s preferences. If you aren’t all about the bright colors, the AWW LEDs are perfect for you. It has a clear and concave lens that can give any space an elegant touch. Each bulb shines with metallic tones. Choose from colors warm white, amber, and cold white. 

Take the AWW LEDs and elegantly design your living room. Let it diagonally ascend on the walls to create gold, bronze, and silver nuances. 


RGB+W LED By Twinkly Lights 

No one will stop you from having the best of both worlds! If you want both types combined in one, take our special edition RGB+W LEDs. Enjoy the full rainbow spectrum and vintage warm white tones too. 


Choose The Perfect Plants From Paris Garden 

Sunflower Seeds from Paris garden

Adding natural flowers and plants in and around your home is just as important as placing other accessories. Well-chosen plants can enhance your home’s look and make it feel more connected with nature. Aside from being very pleasing to the eyes, they can double as functional as well! 

Even modern home architects are searching for plants to place in homes. But you don’t have to worry about looking for the perfect plants, the best home decor online supplier in the Philippines has got you covered. At Perfect Home, you can find specialty products from our partner Paris Garden. 

With a specialty in urban farming, the team offers a variety of Australian-imported easy-to-plant kits. You don’t even have to be a gardening expert to plant these. Everything from the ceramic pots, seeds, soil, and instructions are all placed in one container! All you really need is water. 


Herbs and Spices Grow Kit By Paris Garden

Chives plant from Paris Garden

Whether you’re a professional chef or a food enthusiast, you can agree that herbs and spices play a great role in leveling up the flavors of any meal. They’re super healthy too! 

Thanks to Paris Garden’s easy to plant kits, you can easily harvest a number of herbs and spices from your own garden. Choose from pots of basil, mint, parsley, chives, rosemary, thyme, and many more!  


Fruits Grow Kit By Paris Garden

Strawberry Plant from Paris Garden

A diet rich in fruits provides an individual with all the nutrients he or she needs to be healthy. Of course, in order to get your daily fruit needs, you’ll have to go all the way to your local market.

Luckily, Paris Garden offer a more efficient solution. Simply plant the fruit kits in your home and get your fresh fruit supplies easily! From cherry tomatoes to strawberries, the fruit collection is here for you. The rich colors of the fruits will do wonders to brighten your home. 


Flowers Grow Kit By Paris Garden

Lavander and Thyme

Though others believe that flowers are more fitting for traditional home designs, there’s a lot of ways to integrate them into your modern home decor. Choose from our options of sunflowers, grass hair kits, and lavender. 

Once they’re blooming, place the delicate flowers in the entrance of your home to welcome your guests. Arrange them with leaves and stick them inside clear vases to impart a minimalist feel.   


Kiddie Plants Grow Kit By Paris Garden

Grow Your Own Sunflower Plant from Paris Garden

Perfect Home even kept your kids in mind. Let your little ones join you in planting tomatoes, strawberries, and sunflowers. Purchase our kids biodegradable pot sets to add a bit of color and decoration to boring windowsills. Or, place your kid’s work all-around your home to make every space more memorable.  


Why Trust Perfect Home to Transform Your Modern Home? 

Perfect Home logo

When it comes to modern home accessories for sale in the Philippines, Perfect Home has got everything for you. Our company is Philippine-based and committed to delivering a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of every client. 


Extensive Product Portfolio

Nanopresso Red with accessories

Perfect Home partners with international brands such as Twinkly, Squatty Potty, FECA, Boogie Board, Bling2o, Envirosax, Bunch O’ Balloons, Tatung, Wacaco, DesignNest, and Paris Garden.

Each brand offers different home goods and decor ranging from kitchen and bathroom appliances down to even home plants. Our passion for serving client’s needs is what drove us to offer a wide portfolio.  


Excellent Customer Service

Good Customer Service

With our products, we seek to add value to the lives of Filipino households. Our company’s leverage relies on building relationships with trust. 

At Perfect Home, we don’t just offer modern home accessories for sale in the Philippines, we also ensure that every product is delivered with excellent customer service. 

Further improving our brand, we offer reliable after-sales services to come up with better solutions for improving our products. 


Continuous Innovation 

Innovation and creative diagram concep

In order for any company to thrive, innovation must be integrated into its core. Our team recognizes this need. This is why we wake up every day with eagerness for continuous innovation. 

Through collaboration, we improve how we distribute the products. Everything goes through detailed planning in order to provide your household decor needs. From the moment we receive the materials down to the time the product arrives at your doorstep, our local company branch has their full attention.


For Modern Home Accessories For Sale In The Philippines, Choose Perfect Home! 

As you design your house, remember that home decor plays a key role in transforming its very look. It can lift up your guest’s moods and help you relax peacefully. 

If you’re looking for where to buy home accessories in the Philippines, don’t look elsewhere. Perfect Home has got everything for you! Each of our home décor products has distinct features that help in creating that ultra-contemporary dream home of yours. 

We don’t just claim to be the country’s leading importer, supplier, and distributor of modern accessories for sale in the Philippines – we have proof of it too. Click here to learn more about our wide-ranging portfolio!