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One of FECA’s most adaptable organizational accessories is this all-purpose holder that successfully compartmentalizes belongings across work and living areas. Hold single or loose objects such as hand lotion, plants, keys, office supplies, children’s crafts and toys, or anything that fits.

A swivel function allows the holder to be positioned at various horizontal angles for greater convenience, whilst a perforated base provides drainage.

Designed to resist rust, heat, water, and ideally, a very long time; the Diana Multi-Function Holder is available in a variety of colours and chrome-plated option with the ability to each hold contents up to 2kg.

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Product Specifications

Material: ABS Plastic Suction Cup, Rubber Pad
Capacity: 2 Kgs
Size: 8.6 x 16.5 x 8.4 (L) cm
Made in Taiwan