PHP 1,395.00


Keep your tissues well kept from sink splashes without ruining your interiors through the D41 Diana Tissue Box Holder. This sophisticated tissue box features a subtle curved design and a clean, white finish to give your home that extra touch of elegance and style.

Depending on your preference, the D41 Diana Tissue Box Holder may also be used without its cover, for a unique, geometric, and sharp design.

Through FECA’s powerful suction cups, the E7 Earl Double Corner Rack Set can carry up to 12kg of items and does not require any drilling during installation. It can also be uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, allowing for maximum adaptability and usage.


Material: ABS Plastic, Rubber Pad
Capacity: 6 Kgs
Size: 22.7 x 11.5 x 11.5 cm
Made in Taiwan