Php 4295.00

Want to add shelves to your home but not sure if you can commit to having permanent fixtures? No problem! The P1 Prince Acrylic Tray instantly provides you with extra storage space without the need for nails, drills, or annoying adhesives.

With its use of clear acrylic and chrome-coated ABS plastic, your room is sure to get that wonderful touch of elegance and sophistication you have been looking for. Since it is heat-, water-, and rust-resistant, you can use this in your bathroom, too!

Product Specifications

Through FECA’s powerful suction cups, the P1 Prince Acrylic Tray Set can carry up to 6kg of items and does not require any drilling during installation. It can also be uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, allowing for maximum adaptability and usage.

Material: Acrylic Board, ABS Plastic Suction Cup, Rubber Pad
Capacity: 6 Kgs
Size: 60 x 13 x 1(H) cm
Made in Taiwan