Be Your Own Barista

Brew your favorite coffee at home or
on the go with Wacaco’s portable coffee makers!

Nothing Else Like It

Home of the Minipresso, Wacaco started because of an idea to create small, light, and handheld espresso machines that you can take with you on the go. Hugo Cailleton, who is the founder of the company, thought of the idea following his disappointment on a poor espresso shot on a hotel in a business trip. Today, you can enjoy a perfect shot of espresso anytime, anywhere — all because of the innovative creation born of this idea.

Designed For Your Convenience

What began with the Minipresso has opened the way to more innovation on portable coffee makers. From the Nanopresso, Cuppamoka, Pipamoka, Nanovessel, and unique accessories to make your coffee making experience more convenient — there’s nothing like Wacaco’s products.