Where To Buy Home Accessories In The Philippines?

Take a look around your home. Can you think of other possible ways to improve its appearance? Maybe you need to buy a more contemporary wall outlet to replace your outdated one, or you may need a sleeker and more stylish decorative accent. You may find yourself wondering where to buy home accessories in the Philippines. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to get high-end home and decorative accents fit for every modern household — Perfect Home has got you covered.

As the leading distributor and importer of top-of-the-line modern home accessories for sale in the Philippines, Perfect Home can provide you with a wide array of products to improve your home with. These come from internationally renowned brands like DesignNest, Tatung, Boogie Board, Wacaco, and more. Each brand offers nothing but the most innovative and sustainable home goods for every Filipino consumer.

From your lighting fixtures, wall outlets and tablets, to your espresso machine needs, these brands are definitely one to watch out for when it comes to home improvements.


1. DesignNest

DesignNest products

Not knowing where to buy home accessories in the Philippines can be a challenge, especially if you are badly in need of a long-overdue home upgrade. Gone are your days of using outdated products that simply don’t bring out the best in your home. With DesignNest products, you certainly won’t meet the same fate.

Sticking true to the spirit of innovation, DesignNest manufactures only the most innovative yet most affordable consumer products on the market. Their wide array of home products double down on both design and functionality, making sure that no compromise is present in either one. Their signature products from the PowerCube, AudioCube, HENG, Lamp, and MOFT collections are sure to improve the quality of your daily life, whenever and wherever.


PowerCube By DesignNest

Powercube from Design Nest

Frustrated with not having enough sockets to plug your gadgets into? Or maybe your bulky chargers are taking up all the space? With the PowerCube Original and USB Extended Outlets you’ll never have to experience these again.

The PowerCube Original is a world-first— its distinctive cube-shape is unlike anything you’ve seen on the market. Featuring five outlets, this is your most compact option yet! Plug in up to four low-voltage devices at the same time with no trouble at all.

Sometimes, all you need is the PowerCube Extended USB to power your devices. Like the original version, this cubic-shaped power strip can power simple handheld and compact devices like smartphones or your laptop. It features 4 power outlets and 2 USB-A ports — a perfect choice if you can’t find your trusty old charger.

Buy The PowerCube Extended USB By DesignNest


AudioCube By DesignNest

Audio Cube by Design Nest

If you’ve always wanted to listen to music anywhere you go without the hassle, then the AudioCube is for you. Don’t let its cute and compact design fool you — this portable Bluetooth speaker packs on the punch, allowing you to bop to your favorite tunes anywhere you go.

Unlike your traditional Bluetooth speaker, AudioCube features 4 speakers that equally produce powerful sounds with a distinctive deep base. Whether it be for late-night cruising inside your car or simply enjoying downtime in your living room, this Bluetooth speaker is the perfect home addition. Emulate the sounds of large-scale subwoofers without the hassle through DesignNest’s AudioCube. The best part? You can connect multiple AudioCubes for a surround sound experience. 

Buy The AudioCube By DesignNest


HENG Lamp By DesignNest


HENG Lamp Collection by Design Nest

Lamps are essential accents for the everyday home. They’re one of the simplest ways to brighten up any space without having to make use of cumbersome ceiling fixtures. Simply plug them in and your room can already be beautifully illuminated. DesignNest’s HENG Lamp Collection does just that. However, these aren’t just your ordinary lamps— and you’ll find out why.

You may not even be halfway done with your quest for where to buy home accessories in the Philippines, but these sleek and ultramodern lights can help get you started off on the right foot. This lamp is the first of its kind because it does away with traditional switches and uses state-of-the-art magnetic sphere light technology. Easy on the eyes, these modern lamps are fit for your bedside table, living room coffee table, or your work from home office desk.

Buy The HENG Lamp By DesignNest


MOFT Collection By DesignNest

MOFT laptop stand from Design Nest

Tired of having to sit or lie down in an uncomfortable position just to use your laptop? Or how about charging your phone? After all, it can get very uncomfortable having to be in awkward positions just to use these electronic devices. Every single one of us looks out for the most convenient ways of doing things. We simply don’t have the time for tediousness. Because we’re constantly on the go, anything that makes our life more comfortable is surely appreciated— and the MOFT Laptop Stand understands this need.

This unique laptop stand can be part of any modern space as the perfect home accessory. Unlike your typical stand, which can pack on the weight, the laptop stands from the MOFT Collection are just some of the lightest yet. Despite this, it’s able to offer sturdy support for up to 15.7-inch laptops. Easily carry this around with you or store it in your home— it doesn’t get as ergonomic as this.

Buy The MOFT Collection By DesignNest


2. Tatung

Tatung Rice Cooker

Perfect Home is the one to turn to when it comes to satisfying your need to figure out where to buy home accessories in the Philippines. Especially if you’re on the hunt for good-functioning multi-function cookers, electronics, or industrial fans. This is because Tatung is the one to turn to.

Did you know that you may unknowingly be using too many kitchen appliances for different meals? With a Tatung multicooker, you can cook rice, steam, stew, and braise meals all in one appliance.


Multi-Function Cookers By Tatung

TATUNG Stainless Multifunctional Cooker

A Taiwan-based company, Tatung is known for its line of multi-function rice cookers that use indirect heating technology— a Tatung patent. The principle behind this is fairly simple really— instead of using direct heat, food is cooked by surrounding it with vapor. This indirect heating technology allows you to cook tastier and healthier food. 

Their stainless steel Steam Rice Cooker is definitely one of their most popular products. It can be used to cook up to 11 cups of rice of your choice, like Jasmine, Japanese, Basmati, sticky rice, and more. If you’re planning a large party, you don’t even need to have two rice cookers just to fulfill this capacity because this useful kitchen appliance is all you need.

Buy The Multi-Function Cooker By Tatung


3. Boogie Board

Boogie Board

Boogie Board is the inventive brainchild of Kent Displays, which is known for producing high-end electronic writing tablets in the USA. Perfect Home has successfully brought their products to the Philippines to offer the average consumer a more productive way to express their creativity.

They’re known for their line of electronic writing tablets that have been used nationwide by teachers, children, graphic designers, and more. Offering them endless opportunities for creative expression.


Electronic Writing Tablet By Boogie Board

Electronic Writing Tablet

Ever needed a much more seamless way of writing down your notes? Your average pen and paper may no longer be doing it for you anymore. You may even find yourself constantly misplacing these small objects. More than that, they can easily lose their quality once exposed to the elements. In this regard, you’ll definitely have to know where to buy home accessories in the Philippines if you want to find the best electronic writing tablet product for you.

Boogie Board has redefined writing with products that can be used by both children and adults alike. Each tablet features a Liquid Crystal Display for more precise writing, drawing, and without the drawbacks of your normal tablet. They’re secure, eco-friendly, and ergonomic. The best part is, the Boogie Board comes with a mobile app! This means that you can save, edit, and share your notes all from your phone.

Buy The Electronic Writing Tablet By Boogie Board




No morning is complete without a fresh and warm cup of coffee. Groggy mornings are made infinitely better with these appliances. But what if you’re running late for work? Buying coffee outside is definitely out of the question. Plus, you wouldn’t want to rush your coffee-making so early in the morning. Popular coffee machine-maker WACACO has the answer to all your coffee-related problems.

A world-first, WACACO has been able to develop a more compact way of enjoying your cup of coffee. Their products— Nanopresso and Minipresso NS— make use of a novel pumping system that can’t be found anywhere else, allowing you to maximize the classic espresso technique.


Nanopresso By WACACO

Nanopresso from Wacaco

The question of “Where to buy home accessories in the Philippines?” wouldn’t be complete without considering a new coffee maker. Want to take it up a notch? How about a compact coffee maker like the Nanopresso? It does the job of not only producing espresso but producing rich and divine crema that you won’t be able to stop gushing about.

The Nanopresso comes in an elegant black design that has certainly eluded modern styles out there. It’s capable of using 18 bars of pressure for more efficient extraction of espresso and maximizing all the natural aroma and flavor of the ground coffee. You don’t need to use your office’s busted— and possibly, dirty— coffee machine anymore— bring your own and be the subject of your co-worker’s envy with the highly-portable Nanopresso.

Buy The Nanopresso By WACACO


Minispresso NS By WACACO

Minipresso NS from Wacaco

The Minispresso NS is the predecessor of the Nanopresso. It has an overall weight of 0.78 lbs and a length of 6.89 in. While it differs in size and weight, it can only use Nespresso capsules or compatibles to make a cup of espresso. This hand-operated coffee maker can be easily brought to camping trips, road trips, and more.

Buy The Minispresso NS By WACACO


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